BDP Released By All Means Necessary 30 Years Ago

This week I’ll be featuring two Throwback Thursday tracks. Of course, the first one went to Doug E. Fresh and his track Keep Risin to the Top. With this one, we’ll be highlighting KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. On this day 30 years ago, they released their follow up to their classic Criminal Minded album. By All Means Necessary was their 2nd album and it was just as good as their debut joint. They put out hits like Part Time Suckas, I’m Still #1 and Stop the Violence. The featured track is the first one off the album and it’s called My ... [read more]

2018 NBA Finals: Golden State Meets Cleveland for 4th Consecutive Year

For the 4th consecutive year, we have the Golden State Warriors battling the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. In 2015 and 2017, Golden State walked away with the championship. In 2016, Cleveland claimed the title after an epic comeback after being down 3-1. Lebron James has played like a man possessed in these playoffs and all of this is in his 15th season. Once again, he willed the Cleveland Cavaliers with another epic performance in Game 7 against Boston. If Cleveland have any chance of bringing another title to Cleveland, he must have ... [read more]

Doug E Fresh Released World’s Greatest Entertainer 30 Years Ago Today

My memories of hip hop go back to the mid-to-late 80s. Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Slick Rick, BDP, The Fat Boys and Heavy D were some of my early influences. The very first song I memorized came from Doug E. Fresh. He released his World’s Greatest Entertainer album 30 years and his big hit was Keep Risin’ to the Top. With Doug E. Fresh celebrating 30 years since the release of his album, why not highlight its best track as my Throwback Thursday. Doug E. Fresh wasn’t a lyricist, but someone that put out good, party music. ... [read more]

Instant Lather and Savings with Dove When Shopping at CVS

This Post is sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are 100% my own. It seemed like we had one of the longest winters that I could remember. It’s crazy to think that we have less than a month before we start our summer. With summer around the corner, that usually means more time spent outside. Whether I’m outside playing basketball or throwing a football with the neighborhood kids or doing some yard work, it’s hot. This is the time of year where I’ll stock up on body wash because I take more showers throughout the summer more than any other ... [read more]

Game 7 Houston Versus Golden State for Trip to NBA Finals

After witnessing another epic performance from Lebron James last night, we turn our attention to the Western Conference. The Cleveland Cavaliers once again proved to be the Kings of the East and held off the young and tough Celtics. Honestly, I said if Lebron put up another clutch performance and get some help, Cleveland would advance. Now let’s turn our attention to the Game 7 taking place tonight between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. Coming into this series, my thoughts were that it would go six games with the Warriors ... [read more]

Game 7 Boston versus Cleveland Is Going Down Tonight

As someone that has played, covered or watched sports, nothing is more exciting that Game 7 of a series. This year, we have the luxury of having a pair in both conference Finals to see who advances to the NBA Finals. Cleveland took care of business in Game 6 to force this game as Lebron exploded for 44 points. Cleveland did receive some sad news as Kevin Love went down early in the game with a concussion when he collided with Jayson Tatum. Unfortunately, Kevin Love has been ruled out of Game 7 as he’s still in concussion protocol. With Kevin ... [read more]

How To Get Rid of Troublesome Pests

Eeeeek! That familiar sound followed by a swift, loud thud as the newspaper squashes a roach. Pests are creeping in the home again despite best efforts in keeping food off the tables and doors closed. We're in a battle with Mother Nature. Pests may benefit our ecosystem, but all bets are off once they enter our homes. These bugs, rodents, and parasites bring nasty disease into our homes and yards. Pests are an unsavory sight and embarrassing problem. There's no way to stop them all... but you can wage war with the critters. Let's ... [read more]

All Falls Down from Kanye West for Throwback Thursday

Remember when Kanye West put out dope music? Nowadays, people know Kanye West for the wrong reasons besides being a talented artist and producer. I’ve never look at Kanye West as this genius some may see him as. Recently, he voiced his support for Donald Trump and claim that slavery was a choice. When I heard that statement, it pissed me off seeing that I’m someone that’s intrigued with history and how people were treated in the past. Enough of all that and let’s focus on my Throwback Thursday track featuring Kanye West. We’re going back to ... [read more]

Tie-Free Father’s Day Gift Guide

What was your first happy memory with your father? For many people, their dads were the ones who gave them their first bike, who comforted them after their first breakup, who worked hard to get them through college. If any of those happened to you, then you’re lucky to have a good dad. You may want to show him your appreciation this Father’s Day. One way to show him your love is to get him a gift—one that’ll mean a lot to him. After all, he may have sacrificed most of his life, so you can live yours. An occasional present is minor compared to ... [read more]

3 Healthy Products That Should Be A Part of Your Everyday Routine

Besides my family, you can say that my focus has been my health. With my new health initiative, my family has started to take their health more seriously also. One of the first things I’ve done is start watching what I’m eating. As of now, I’ve stopped my fast food addiction and focused more on fruits, vegetables and less greasy foods. My weekly routine now consists of me going to the gym three times a week and that will increase starting next week. Since I’m a night shift worker, it was hard for me to put away the late-night cravings of fast ... [read more]