New Music from D.C. Da Beast Raw Lines

Philly has always had their share of spitters throughout the years from Gillie Da Kid, Beanie Sigel and Freeway. Fast forward, new talent has emerged with the likes of Meek Mill, who’s signed with Rick Ross and his MMG brand. Trust me, there’s so many talented artists coming out of Philly that deserves some shine. About two and a half years ago I had the pleasure of featuring an artist by the name of D.C. Da Beast and his track, Mama Cry. Since then he’s been featured a few other times and dropped a mixtape in the process called Fix Yo Face. ... [read more]

Giving Your Kids The Best Start In Their Studies

As a parent, sending your kids off to college or university for the first time can be a stressful and scary ordeal. It’s hard to make sure that your children will be safe and happy in their new environment. And, you want to do your best to give them a good start. Thankfully, some of the biggest things on student’s mind can be helped by their parents; even if they don’t know it. To help you out with this, this post will be going through three areas that you can help you kids with while they’re studying. Now, all they have to do is the work that ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents WrestleMania 33 Review

Welcome to the 33rd edition of WrestleMania as it took place in Orlando. As you know, WrestleMania weekend is pretty hectic for the fans and wrestlers. They have WrestleMania Access, the Hall of Fame on Friday and the NXTTakeover on Saturday. Coming into WrestleMania 33, we heard so many rumors and potential spoilers leading up to the event. Enough of all the talking and let’s see how things turned out at WrestleMania 33. We started the main show with Shane McMahon taking on A.J. Styles. Let me say that I have never seen Shane display this ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents NXTTakeover Orlando Review

After so many successful NXTTakeover specials, we have another one from Orlando. Most of the names have changed, but the quality of performances in NXT remains the same. With rumors of the inevitable main roster debut of Shinsuke Nakamura, will this be his final NXT match? We also have heard rumors about the possible main roster debuts of the Revival and DIY also. We had a total of five matches on the card with 3 of them being for championships. NXT Commissioner William Regal announced that he will be introducing new championship belts. With ... [read more]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Family’s Financial Future

There are many aspects to being a parent which can be quite overwhelming, and most definitely one of the major ones is being able to look after the financial side of things. Money can be a tricky thing to try and conquer for just about anyone, but within a family unit these issues can often be multiplied. After all, you are no longer just planning for your own future, but for the futures of those around you, those you love. As such, it is much more important than it would otherwise be. Let’s see some of the most vital elements of looking after ... [read more]

Date or Family Night Spent at Cabo’s Mexican Grill

How’s your weekend going so far? With it being Sunday, do you ever go on a date on Sundays? Do you go out to dinner as a family on Sundays? Are you someone that prefers to cook a huge family dinner on Sunday? Recently, my wife and I went on a Sunday date without the kids to Cabo’s a few minutes from our house. We tend to go there quite often to relax, eat some great food and just enjoy our company to talk a little also. We eat Cabo’s so much and while talking to co-workers, they have never eaten there before, which I thought was crazy. The ... [read more]

Creating A Daddy Hangout To Keep The Gang Out

As much as you love your family, everybody needs a little alone time now and then. Your kids have your bedrooms, but where’s your chill-out zone? Where can you go at the end of the day after your boss has been screaming in everyone’s face and you just want to relax? If you don’t have an answer for those questions, then I think it’s about time you created an official ‘daddy hangout’ for yourself.   Whether it’s your partner, kids, friends or other family members, everybody has their private bubble, as we all need a moment to breathe ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 NCAA Final Four Preview

Who had South Carolina making the Final Four in their brackets? Even as a #1 seed, many people didn’t have Gonzaga making the Final Four. For the most part, many people including myself had North Carolina making it. I’ve seen many people who thought Oregon had a shot, but Kansas was the pick for the most part in the Midwest Region. In my first bracket my Final Four picks were Duke, Arizona, Kansas and North Carolina. For my Sweet 16 preview, my Final Four picks were Wisconsin, Arizona, North Carolina and Kansas. With that said, this has been an ... [read more]

20 Year Anniversary of Life After Death from The Notorious Big

It’s amazing how fast time flies by, especially significant events throughout your life. 20 years ago today, the late, great Notorious Big released his double album Life After Death. On March 9th, his life was taken away as he left an industry party in Los Angeles, he was 24. One of my most vivid memories about this album was the cover of it, especially after passing away a little over two weeks before its release. Life After Death was the follow-up to his classic Ready to Die album as it picks up where Suicidal Thoughts ends. The album hosts a ... [read more]

6 Great Gifts Every Dad Deserves

Father’s Day still may be a ways away, but if you have been a good dad all year, you deserve a gift a little early.  Whether you are thinking of what you want for your birthday, or you are just looking to treat yourself, there are plenty of gift ideas available that you may not have even considered.  Here is a list of gifts every dad deserves. Watch Whether you are in dire need of a shiny new watch you would like to add another to your vast collection, a watch is a must-have accessory for every man.  Leather watch bands are a classic ... [read more]