7 Easy Ways to Slash Your Monthly Spending

As we all know, taking care of a family is no cheap task. There’s a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of activities to pay for, a lot of things to buy—it all adds up. If you’re feeling the weight on your shoulders, here are some easy ways to cut down on your monthly spending that’ll lift a bit off the load. 1. Stick to the Grocery Shopping List When you’re doing groceries for the whole house, the list seems endless. Before you go to the store, make the list and include only the necessities. Then when you get to the store, stick to that list ... [read more]

6 Awesome Ways On How To Support A Charity

If you've realized that you would like to be more selfless, and focus on helping a charity that you believe in - that's awesome. There are tons of organizations out there that need your help, and there are plenty of ways to give it. Here's how. Throw your own auction If you're a talented one, whether that be within the arts or something else, use your skills to raise money for your chosen charity. Hold an event somewhere, and auction off your paintings for example, or any other work that could potentially hold a value and interest ... [read more]

Nas Released Life Is Good 5 Years Ago Today

It’s hard to believe that Nas haven’t released his 11th album in 5 years today. During this time, he was dealing with a divorce, which prompted him to write this album. The picture on the album cover is the suit he wore for his wedding and the dress Kelis wore. Prior to the album release, he dropped Nasty and The Don as singles to get everyone ready for the album. For you all that don’t know, Nas is my favorite rapper alive and 2nd on my all-time list. A few days after his album was released, he dropped one of my favorite tracks from him with ... [read more]

14 Ways To Bond Better With Your Parents As An Adult

As adults, we often tend to center most of our time bonding with our children. It’s nothing to feel guilty about, in fact, you should feel proud of yourself for being a great parent and putting your kids first. But, you should also remember that you are a child too. Even when you’re fully grown with a family of your own, you are still the son or daughter of your parents. And just as you’re not raising your own children and looking to do what you can to make their lives better, they once dedicated all their time to doing that for you. So, now’s ... [read more]

5 Tips to Selecting the Best Golf Bag

If you are a golfer, you know that choosing the right golf bag can be a challenge. There are many things to consider before purchasing a bag and one of the best ways to find the best golf carry bags is to do proper research. We have compiled several tips to selecting the best bag for your needs.   Type of bag. There are many types of golf bags on the market today. You will first need to decide if you want a carry bag, bag with a stand, travel bag, cart or tour bag. Carry bags tend to be the lightest weight and are the easiest to ... [read more]

Looking for A Pre-Owned or New Car? Search Cars.com For One

The article is sponsored by Cars.com, but all opinions are 100% mine. The days where people do everything in person like going grocery shopping straight from the supermarket, buying clothes and technological devices from retailers and buying cars instantly from a dealership are coming to an end. It is not really that surprising due to the amount of development technology has had and the convenience of buying almost anything online. People are becoming more and more inclined to choose online shopping than doing it in person, and it is ... [read more]

What to Do When It’s Your Kid’s Turn to Drive

Do children grow up too fast, or do they not grow up fast enough? Either way, before you know it, your kid is old enough to get behind the wheel. And, much of the time, kids who are old enough to get behind the wheel are very eager to do so! It can be a daunting time for a parent, but this guide should help you smooth some of the bumps along the road! The parent as teacher A lot of people (mostly parents) would argue that parents are the best teachers for their kids. This, of course, isn’t always true, but there’s no denying that the ... [read more]

3 Tips to Choosing The Right Boxing Classes

Finding a gym or a place to workout can often feel like an uphill battle. It can be challenging to find a place that you are willing to spend some of your most vulnerable moments, sweating, grunting, and overcoming personal and physical challenges. That is why we have put together this impressive list of tips on how to select the right boxing classes for your lifestyle. For more information about great boxing classes, check out Crazy 88 MMA.   Schedule. One of the first things to look at when deciding on a fitness facility is the ... [read more]

4 Signs You’re Headed For Dadsville

“What’s Dadsville?” you might be wondering. It’s not a real place of course, but a state of mind. A state of mind in which you have become completely absorbed by the task of parenting, to the point where everything else in your life slips away.   It’s natural for this to happen; some might argue it’s even preferable. Don’t have kids if you don’t expect to be surrendering a part of yourself. However, the neighbors in Dadsville can make for unhealthy friends; lack of confidence and low self-esteem in and of yourself. As a Dad, you’re ... [read more]

Habits That Will Protect Your Business From Online Threats

One of the most important things to keep in mind when operating a computer is how you plan to stay safe. Staying safe is largely automated now thanks to improved security systems, and even our web browsers have a small scanner that can detect some of the most common viruses and spyware, giving us a warning before we open or even download a file. Some websites are even blacklisted after they’re reported for having malicious content or infected files. This all adds up to making the web browsing experience safe, seamless and carefree. However, ... [read more]