5 Small Changes You Can Make for a Better World

As a parent, not only are we responsible for the health and wellbeing of our children, but we are also role models for who they will be when they grow up. If we treat our planet as a disposable, so will they; if we treat others less fortunate than ourselves with disrespect, so will they. In a world where the bad seemingly outweighs the good, it is up to us parents to bring up those who will make a positive change. It can sometimes seem like there is nothing we can do to make a difference, but change starts at home, and the revolution will be a ... [read more]

Make Musical Magical With Your Munchkins

There are so many different interests and hobbies that your kids can have in life; you can often find yourself wanting to make sure they have every option open to them. But, when you have a passion, you can also be inclined to share that with them. Whether you have a huge love of music and you think it could form a great parent-child bond, or you want to make sure that they have a creative passion, there are a variety of ways that you can bring music into your child’s life and encourage them to enjoy it as a passion of their own. Play Them ... [read more]

5 Tips to Help You Find More Money and Cut Your Debt

If you are over your head in debt, it can make your life truly miserable, especially if you have a family to support. You begin to feel useless, desperate and depressed, but you know what? You shouldn’t let debt beat you down because, no matter how hard things are for you right now, it is possible to turn things around and free yourself from the shackles of debt. I’m not going to lie and tell you it will be easy, but here are some things almost anyone can do to find more money and free themselves from debt: Take on a Second Job I know ... [read more]

Hands Off! Keeping Your Items Safe With Kids Around

It’s likely you might have collected some cool items when you were in your teens and 20’s. In fact, a lot of guys love collecting models, retro games or even movie memorabilia. And before you had kids, you might have had them on display in the humble abode. However, now your little ones are around, it can become impossible to leave them on the side. After all, your kids might try and get their hands on them, and then end up marking or breaking the item, leaving it valueless! However, having kids doesn’t have to mean the end of your ... [read more]

20 Years Ago Wu Tang Forever Dropped

Remember when the Wu Tang Clan dropped their debut album back in late-1993? They took the world by storm and it was heralded as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all-time. They finally released their follow-up almost 4 years later with Wu Tang Forever. Just like 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G, Wu Tang Forever was a double disc as it featured all the members of the Clan. RZA is one of the best producers ever in music period and he brought his A-game to this project. The highlight of the album must be Triumph, which is the second track on Disc ... [read more]

3 Ways That Cover Bands Can Make An Event Successful

So, you’re organizing an event, and have gotten to the stage where you should finalize the entertainment. You sat down and considered some options, but finally settled on getting a band. Now you must decide which band to get. For many convincing reasons though, you decided that local cover bands are perfect. Cover bands consist of professional musicians playing cover songs of original tracks. You can hire them to perform at any type of private event, like weddings and birthday parties. A band covering mostly chart hits is called a Top 40 Band. ... [read more]

Thinking About The Financial Future Of Your Family

If you're at the head of a family, you're going to be full of responsibilities - and some of them will be fiscal in nature. In fact, if you're not balancing the books, then the financial safety of your family might be at risk. You've got to pay for a lot when you're a parent and that can make the task of balancing the books harder - but if anyone can, it's you. With mouths to food, sneakers to buy and a mortgage to pay off, there is certainly going to be a lot on your plate when we consider finances.   However, the financial future ... [read more]

5 Ways to Get Your Family’s Finances Back on Track

When you have a family, juggling work and home life can be difficult, but keeping your budget on track can be even tougher. Kids grow so fast, which means that they regularly need new clothes and shoes, lots of healthy food and a safe space to grow – none of these things are exactly cheap – so it’s not surprising that so many families end up facing financial difficulties at some point when their kids are young. If this is something you’re going through right now, check out these quick tips to get your family’s finances back on track: Stick ... [read more]

Are You Into Bike Racing? The Top 5 Bike Races in the U.S.

If you are a biking enthusiast in the USA then you have been probably spending a lot of time looking for major biking events to attend to in the country. While biking in the country may not be one of the major sports that guarantees millions of views and hits due to wide-scale marketing and national coverage, it still has enough followers and sponsors that enable organizations to create biking events that will surely bring both enthusiasts and local fresh faces to the event. Below are the top 5 bike races in the USA that will get your blood ... [read more]

Protecting Your Car from Pollen Damage in Spring

In early spring, blooming trees release liberal amounts of pollen. A greenish-yellow dust settles everywhere along roofs, the ground and everything in between — including on your car. Pollen itself is not especially destructive. For some people, it causes sneezing or triggers allergies — a problem best left to the medical experts. When pollen settles on any surface, it typically stays there until wind or rain removes it. For car owners, ignoring pollen is not just messy; it could also damage the paint. The easiest solution to pollen buildup is ... [read more]