Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Week 1 NFL Predictions

After an incredible opening weekend of college football, we now have the beginning of the NFL season. Like always, my goal is to finish with over a 70% winning percentage. Of course, the biggest news coming into this year has to be can New England and Tom Brady repeat as champions. After an impossible comeback against the Atlanta Falcons, Brady won his 5th ring which is the most of all-time. Julian Edelman went down during the preseason for the year with a torn ACL. The Atlanta Falcons are the favorites in the NFC to reach the Super Bowl once ... [read more]

Ensure A Reliable Return On Investments This Winter

A traditional method of safe keeping and potentially profiting from savings or allowances you have budgeted is to invest them in a lucrative pursuit. However, in the effort to find the best place for investment, it’s often likely that you’ll be approached or will be advertised to by a financial pursuit which simply isn’t your time. If you haven’t the best business or financial experience, it’s easy to fall prey to this marketing tactics which don’t have your best interests in mind. Pyramid schemes, high-risk endeavors or simply pursuits which ... [read more]

Top 10 SmackDown Live Moments from Sioux Falls

While Raw took place in Omaha, SmackDown Live made their stop in Sioux Falls, SD. Coming into SmackDown, we knew Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura battled to see who would face Jinder Mahal at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens added to their budding rivalry with an explosive opening segment, which is a must see. After Shane attacked Owens, Mr. McMahon made the call to Daniel Bryan to indefinitely suspend him. If that wasn’t enough, we learned that Mr. McMahon will make an appearance next week to discuss the Shane/Kevin Owens ... [read more]

Top 10 Raw Moments from Omaha for September 2017

Monday Night Raw took place in Omaha with less than three weeks away from the No Mercy PPV. It’s official that Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins defending their tag titles against Cesaro & Sheamus at the PPV. This edition of Raw saw a few good matches and another Roman Reigns/John Cena confrontation. John Cena & Jason Jordan kicked off Raw with a damn good match that the fans were behind. The Miz defended the Intercontinental championship against Jeff Hardy. Nia Jax & Emma were disgusted that Sasha Banks was getting her rematch at No ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Predictions Week 1 College Football 2017

You can feel it in the air and in the mornings, the weather has been cooler lately. All that means is that fall is around the corner and it’s time for football season. College football is finally here and we start things off with a bang with Alabama taking on Florida State in the new Mercedes-Benz Dome. Week 1 will feature some good match-ups to begin the year besides the Florida State-Alabama game. 11th ranked Michigan will take on 17th ranked Florida at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. The other game that features ranked teams playing takes place ... [read more]

Skincare Advice For The Dads

As men get older, we become fathers, and life takes its toll, we can start to show the signs of fatigue and age through the appearance and condition of our skin. However, men are less likely to follow any form of skin care routine and spend less on products than women. While it may not appeal to you to cleanse and tone, or whatever it is you should be doing, it is important to take better care of your skin, and doing so can make you look and feel better. I thought I would share a few tips that anyone of us can incorporate into our already busy ... [read more]

Top 10 SmackDown Live Moments from Little Rock August 2017

With Monday Night Raw taking place in Memphis, the SmackDown Live crew invaded Little Rock, Arkansas. Since the SmackDown Live doesn’t have a PPV until October we should get a few PPV-quality matches on free TV until then. We learned that next week, Shinsuke Nakamura will take on Randy Orton to see who’s the #1 contender for the WWE title. Before that, they teamed up to battle Rusev & Jinder Mahal, but they were beat down at the beginning of the night. A.J. Styles brought back the U.S. Open Challenge that was made famous by John Cena. Kevin ... [read more]

Bringing The Modern World On Your Old-Fashioned Family Camping Trip

Convenience might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to camping. Keeping everyone safe and protected from the elements should be the first thing. However, if you’re camping with your family, you may come up against the old age problem of kids that are a little too used to modern convenience. We’re going to look at how you stop the complaining and keep everyone happy without having to resort to letting everyone constantly use their smartphones and tablets. A new way to explore If you have some tech-savvy kids, then ... [read more]

Top 10 Raw Moments from Memphis August 2017

Monday Night Raw took place from Memphis at the FedEx Forum. Before moving on, prayers are being sent out the victims that were effected by Hurricane Harvey. We knew that Brock Lesnar will defend his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. Earlier in the day, we found out that John Cena will battle Roman Reigns at the No Mercy PPV. Coming into this edition of Raw, we knew that Sasha Banks would defend the Women’s title against former champ, Alexa Bliss. Monday Night Raw started off with Miz and his entourage in the ring, but he was ... [read more]

Before You Do Building Work: The Essential Checklist

Whether it's a small extension or a whole other section you are constructing, doing building work on your own home can be is always complicated. That is why you need to read the essential checklist of things that need to be sorted before the work begins, below. Time Yup, you are going to need to think about time. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or you have a contractor come in to do it for you. Why? Well, timing is everything when it comes to building work. This is because the success of a project can rely on all sorts of ... [read more]