Daddy’s Hangout College Basketball Sweet 16 Preview

I’m sure the world is still in shock as we finally saw a top seed lose to a 16th seed. The UMBC Retrievers beat the #1 overall seed in the Virginia Cavaliers by 20 points. Therefore, I say that March Madness is the best sporting event in all of sports. Whether it’s buzzer beaters or watching an underdog making a Cinderella run is something that makes it amazing. For some crazy reason I didn’t post anything about the NCAA Tournament, but I managed to make three brackets. They have been a disaster, but with Sweet 16 coming up this weekend, let’s ... [read more]

Some Things Are Better Left to the Professionals

The Do-It-Yourself craze is so trendy; there are magazines, blogs, and even a television channel devoted to its allure. Whether it is making your jewelry, crafting the perfect wooden farm table and matching chairs, or just decorating a wedding cake with skills which rival a professional baker; when it comes to a DIY project, there are an endless plethora of experts attempting to guide you through the seemingly effortless process. Manuals, videos, and inspirational how-to tutorials lay out step-by-step instructions to assist you in completing ... [read more]

I Need Love LL Cool J for Throwback Thursday

Once again, I’m back for another Throwback Thursday. Like I’ve mentioned before, the featured track will be something I’m currently listening to now. For the last couple of days, I’ve been listening to the Bigger and Deffer album from LL Cool J. This was his second album and he was only 19-years-old when he dropped this classic. Last year, LL Cool J was honored as one of the Kennedy Center recipients. LL Cool J is one of the greatest rappers of all-time and one of the pioneers to take hip hop mainstream. I Need Love is the featured track and ... [read more]

Save Money on Unilever Men Care Products at Target NOW!!!

Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. We’re headed towards the end of March and that means Spring is officially here. During this time of year, I’m usually the busiest and this year is no different. For starters, it’s the return of doing yardwork, which is something that consumes a lot of my time. With the weather starting to get warmer, that also means I’m outside playing basketball with the kids. Since it’s March Madness, that usually gets us excited about playing basketball more. You can say that I love the outdoors and ... [read more]

C Murder Releases Life or Death 20 Years Ago Today

I’ve mentioned many times how No Limit Records is my second favorite hip hop label of all-time. They put out so many classic albums and you couldn’t get any better than Life or Death. C Murder’s debut album is a straight up classic and one of my all-time favorite albums. Being from the south, it pissed me off when music publications didn’t give Life or Death its proper respect back in the day. Currently C Murder is locked up and hopefully he’ll get a fair shake in things. 20 years ago today, C Murder released his classic, debut album Life or ... [read more]

Craig Mack Flava In Ya Ear Remix for Throwback Thursday

First thing I’d like to say is Rest in Peace to Craig Mack. While the Notorious Big got all the notoriety, he was the first artist on Bad Boy Records. My Throwback Thursday track is the classic track, Flava In Ya Ear Remix. The original track is off his debut album, Project Funk Da World that was released a week after Biggie’s Ready to Die. Notorious Big, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy and Rampage came together and made one of the hottest remixes in hip hop. The original Flavor in Ya Ear was also a dope track as it went platinum, but the ... [read more]

3 Grooming Products That No Man Should Be Without

If your grooming regime is currently non-existent, it is time to make some improvements. Not only can keep skin issues like acne and razor burn at bay, you can also keep your skin looking younger and fresher. So, in this blog post, we are going to be talking you through just a few of the grooming products that you need to form some good daily habits. Skincare Items Men’s skin tends to be thicker than women’s, but most skincare items are similar apart from the packaging and branding. However, take extra care looking for products which ... [read more]

Drew Brees Resigns For Two Years With New Orleans

Many expected Drew Brees to remain with the New Orleans Saints when free agency hit. Yesterday, he inked a 2-year deal worth $50 million and $27 million guaranteed. The future Hall-Of-Famer was rumored to have received a bigger offer from an unknown team. Brees' deal will be written as a two-year deal, but it will be a one-year deal with a team option after the first year, he confirmed to ESPN. It also will include a no-trade clause, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, virtually ensuring that Brees finishes his career in New Orleans.   "I ... [read more]

Be A Team Player: Upping Your Weekend Hangout Game

It’s easy to get into certain habits in your free time, especially after a busy week of work and juggling family life. However, if spending time with your friends is a regular part of your weekend plans; it could be time to make the most of it and try something new. You can sit, watch the game, and drink beer at home, so why keep doing it in a bar every Saturday? Obviously, you’re all going to have your favorite spot to grab a beer and catch up with your buddies or colleagues, but wouldn’t it be nice to hang out together and do something new, ... [read more]

Kirk Cousins Signs Three Year Deal With Minnesota

Free agency in the NFL has been going crazy and the quarterback carousel is going crazy now. After the Washington Redskins traded for Alex Smith, Kirk Cousins days were numbered. Washington had put the franchise tag on Cousins the past two years. For me, it's crazy that the Redskins never gave Cousins a long-term deal as he's been one of the most accurate passers in the league. Last year, he still put up great numbers despite losing DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon and having Jordan Reed for the good part of the year.  Cousins, 29, has been one of ... [read more]