3 Ways on How Indianapolis Prepares for the Indy 500

For racing fans, the Indianapolis 500, also known as the Indy 500, is one of the biggest events of the year.  The event, which takes place annually over Memorial Day weekend, draws crowds of approximately 300,000 people and is considered one of the biggest events in Indianapolis.  As you could probably imagine, Indianapolis racing fans take the Indy 500 very seriously, and preparing for the event can be an event.  After seeing how much fun the Indy 500 is, you may find yourself searching for homes for sale in Indianapolis!  Here are a few ways ... [read more]

7 Ways to Help Your Child with Allergy Symptoms

It’s that time of year that the pollen count is extremely high. In a little over a month, the kids will be out of school and spending most of their time out side playing. My kids are older now, with two of them out of high school and the other headed to the 8th grade. Throughout the summer, my daughter will be headed to cheer camp and practice, so she’ll be outside a lot. Just like a lot of other kids, she comes home and talk about her stuffy nose or constantly coughing. It’s hard to deal with sometimes, but we try our best and below are a few ... [read more]

Dr. Dre Keep Their Heads Ringin for Throwback Thursday

The movie Friday is one of my favorite movies of all-time. All fans of the movie are still hoping for an Ice Cube-Chris Tucker reunion 20+ years later. During the 90s, you couldn’t have a great movie without delivering a classic soundtrack to go with it. The soundtrack for Friday was great also, with it eventually going double platinum. You had a mixture of old-school tracks like Mary James from Rick James. My Throwback Thursday is one of the highlights of the Friday Soundtrack. Dr. Dre came through with a classic track for the soundtrack and ... [read more]

How to Successfully Grow your Own Business with Social Media

The landscape has changed when it comes to making a sale. Although you may want to just leave the social media to the kids, that simply can’t be the case anymore if you want to successfully grow your own business. Using social media is integral for anyone trying to market their brand, product or services. To keep up with the market and get in front of your potential customers, you need to use social media. If you currently own your own business, you might want to get some tips from you kids on how to use social media and check out the following ... [read more]

4 Essential Local Link Building Strategies

The Essentials of Local Link Building The advantages of local SEO are obvious for brick-and-mortar establishments: localizing keywords limits the competition and segments your audience to people more likely to visit your store in person. According to one study, 50% of mobile users who search for a business locally will visit that store that day, making local SEO high converting. Yet, have you considered local link building as one of your strategies? Sure, the local 3-pack and Google My Business make it easy to rank high for local searches, ... [read more]

3 Healthy Alternatives Your Family Will Love

March was National Nutrition Month, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done year-round. My kids were on Spring Break last week, so that was the perfect time to start with healthier alternatives from our usual. Unfortunately, my two oldest worked throughout the week, so that left my little one. For the most part, she spent her time over her friend’s house practicing for the upcoming cheer season. With the kids pretty much gone all week, my wife and I didn’t have to cook throughout the week. Since our week was spent eating fruits and healthy ... [read more]

Listen and Stream Moe Kash Closest Man 2 God Album

I'll keep it 100 with you all, the amount of music I get sent to me is crazy. Trust me, I'll try to listen to most of, if not all of it sent to me. I'm a huge fan of old-school hip hop and there's alot of talent in the new school cats out there. For the most part, they're not mainstream artists and have a huge following on the underground tip. Recently, I received this project from Moe Kash and thought it was amazing. Since I'm going to restart my Music Monday, but only when something grabs my attention, this is the perfect project to start it ... [read more]

HTown Released Debut Album 25 Years Ago Today

The 90s R&B Era put out some great music during that time. SWV, Silk, Shai, Jodeci, HTown, 112 and Jagged Edge are just a few that was dropping heat all the time. Throughout the years, I’ve appreciated it even more because it seems like mainstream R&B is nonexistent outside a couple of acts. Today marks the 25th anniversary of H-Town dropping their classic debut album, Fever for Da Flavor. The first single, Knockin’ Da Boots dropped about a month before the album came out and it blew up. Despite being huge hip hop fans during that time, ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 NBA Playoffs First Round Predictions

After March Madness and the NFL Playoffs, this is the most exciting time of the year. With such an amazing season where we saw some great basketball, it’s time for the playoffs. Russell Westbrook averaging a triple-double again and the dominance of Lebron James in his 15th season are a pair of jaw-dropping storylines. Towards the end of the season, talk have turned to who’s the Rookie of the Year between Ben Simmons and Donavan Mitchell. It’s been widespread that James Harden is expected to finally bring the MVP trophy back to Houston as ... [read more]

Do You Know How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft?

You buckle them into car seats, make sure they wear a helmet when riding their bikes and keep a first-aid kit on hand always. As a parent, you do everything you can to guard your children’s physical safety, but do you know how to protect them from identity theft? How Common Is Child Identity Theft? Over 15,000 of the identity theft complaints to the Federal Trade Commission in 2016 affected children and teens (anyone age 19 and under), which represents 4% of all identity theft complaints for the year. The Identity Theft Resource Center, ... [read more]