New Projects: How To DIY It

So, you're on a budget? Or you would just like to take matters into your own hands when it comes to keeping your home in order? Whatever the reason may be, you have decided to get more hands on. - Great! Doing it yourself can not only save you a lot of money, but it can be really rewarding too - looking at something that you're proud of, knowing that you, and only you done it. If this sounds like your kind of thing, here are a few ideas to get you started on a project or two. Flooring Got some new flooring and don't want to have to ... [read more]

21st Century Dad: 4 Things to Follow To Be That Dad

What sort of dad are you? Are you a stone age snail mail pop, or are you a cutting edge 21st-century dad complete with an armory of gadgets to help you with your fatherly duties? Or maybe you're somewhere in the middle, but you could do with a little updating? If this is the case, read on for a rundown on how to be technologically up to date pop. Staying in contact One of the most advantageous things about all the technology that is available now is that it allows you to keep in contact very easily with the kids. This can help keep them ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Money in the Bank PPV Review

Welcome to one of my favorite PPVs of the year and that’s Money in the Bank. As we all know, we had the first-ever ladies Money in the Bank ladder match. Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya and Tamina are competed to become the first Mrs. Money in the Bank. A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler competed in the Men’s ladder match. We also had Jinder Mahal defending the WWE title against former champ, Randy Orton. The Usos also defended their SmackDown tag team championships against New Day. ... [read more]

Enjoying Golden Grahams on Father’s Day Morning

This post is sponsored by Golden Grahams but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads all around the world. I’ll be honest, my intentions were to lay in the bed and rest up the entire. It has been a long week with a lot of running around and my body is just tired. On top of that, we went out to dinner and a movie last night and I didn’t get in bed until 3 in the morning. First thing this morning, my kids asked me to run to Walmart for a few things they wanted. Of course, I did it, ... [read more]

Happy Birthday 2Pac: 2Pac B-Day Mix Vol. 6

Today would have marked the 46th birthday of the late, great 2Pac. Not only we’re celebrating his birthday, but his biopic, All Eyez On Me is released nationwide today. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or just know me personally then you know he’s my favorite of all-time. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone for almost 21 years and still as influential to the hip hop community. Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, my two favorite current artists are heavily influenced by Pac. For the 6th year, I’ll be putting together a 2Pac B-Day Mix and this ... [read more]

5 Tips to Perfecting Your Golf Swing

Golfing is a favorite hobby of many. In fact, some people prefer to golf all year round and will even move to a warmer climate to be able to practice their favorite sport. If you are new to the sport and are interested in perfecting your game, we have put together some helpful tips to help with your golf swing.   Golf swing analyzer. It could be that you are unsure of what you need to do to improve your golf swing. One way to determine what will work best for you is to invest in the best golf swing analyzer to help you decipher ... [read more]

Working Magic Where The Magic Happens

A bedroom is a special place. Unlike the other areas in your home, this room is completely private. It’s a place the children fear to tread. And, this is the way you want to keep it. As a parent, your bedroom is often the last slice of privacy you have. This makes it incredibly important to make sure your bedroom's decorated and style in a way that you love. It’s easy to become completely selfless as a parent. But, with all the work you do for the family, it’s time to do something for yourself. DIY is becoming easier and easier. And, with this ... [read more]

4 Amazing Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Your Wedding

One of the things so many married couples wish they could have had the chance to do is have their children be at their wedding, so if you are lucky enough to be able to do this then do all you can to get them involved. Don’t let them watch from the sidelines like all the other guests, proudly smiling away in their gorgeous suits and dresses, find a way to have them be a part of your special day. Of course, we recommend you ask them how they feel about this and what they would be most comfortable doing. But to help you come up with a range of ... [read more]

7 Ways You Can Show How To Be A Real Man

If for whatever reason, you find yourself doubting your manly capabilities, there really is no need to. But if you just wanted a helpful reminder of the things you are 'supposed' to do as male; here's a reminder. ... Not that you didn't know and do all of this already... 'Cause you're a man... - Obviously. Read a map. This doesn't mean the one on your cell phone; we're talking about the proper paper map that opens way bigger than it should. What's cooler than guiding your group of people from A to B. Even if you have no idea what ... [read more]

The Many Mistakes of the Self-Taught Guitarist

More and more people are becoming interested in learning to play the guitar. Even though many are lamenting the death of guitar-centric music in popular culture, there’s not that much reason to worry about the future of the world’s favorite musical instrument. The steady increase in people purchasing guitars, combined with great online resources for learning such as YouTube and Ultimate Guitar, will also see a steady rise in the number of people teaching themselves how to play guitar. Of course, while many people have found success in this ... [read more]