Daddy’s Hangout 2017 NCAA Tournament Prediction

One of the most exciting times of the sporting year is now upon us. That’s right; the NCAA Tournament has finally arrived and let the madness begin. Last year, I had North Carolina playing Oklahoma in the championship game. I was almost right because the Tar Heels battled Villanova, whom I had losing to the Sooners in the Final Four. We all know how that championship game.  turned out as it was one for the ages. This year is sure to be just as exciting as the previous years because we have so many great teams that I believe could cut down the ... [read more]

Check Out IMSA Racing from Sebring This Weekend

This post is sponsored by IMSA Racing but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. What do you have planned for this weekend? Are you looking for something exciting to do? I know me too, so join me in checking out 12 hour marathon of racing. You heard that right, 12 hours of racing by some of the top drivers in the world. Have you heard of IMSA Racing before? Honestly, me either, but they’ve gotten my attention by hearing about the great show they put on for their fans. IMSA Racing is known for racing on the best race tracks ... [read more]

Daddy Cool: Chilling Out With Your Kids

Ever wished that the weekend would never end? We all treasure those few short days we get to spend time with our families but often it all seems to go by so quickly, and it’s then back to work for another five days. Be In the Moment It’s going to sound a little strange but really focus on what your children are doing as often many parents simply operate on autopilot. Childhood doesn’t last forever, and before you know it, your daughter will be swapping teddy bear tea parties for trips to the local mall so make sure you’re getting fully ... [read more]

Sporting Trips to Take Your Kids On

When we fathers were young, we didn’t have things such as electronic entertainment, video games or even the internet to keep us occupied on a weekend. Technology had yet to advance that far and even when classic game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System were released, they were considered “geeky” toys and most children still went outside to get their fun. However, the main reasons children went outside in the first place was to first get away from their parents, but also because they wanted to play sports.   There’s ... [read more]

Dads Deserve to Have a Baby Shower Too: The Daddy Shower

It takes two to tango. There are always two people involved to make a baby at the very least, and as much as it is an extremely exciting time for new mothers-to-be, it can be equally exciting for the dads, too. It’s something that is often looked over, especially when planning events like baby showers. Whereas there is a set build up for the moms in question, when there doesn’t seem to be the equivalent for the dad. But this is changing - Dad Showers are springing up and becoming more popular than ever. Any excuse for a guy to invite his ... [read more]

Turning Alone Time Into Bonding Opportunities

It’s essential that any parent gets some time away from their kids to focus on whatever hobbies or interests they had before they had children. Even if it’s just a snatched half-hour in the afternoon while they nap to catch up on a project that it’s taken you months to get through, it all counts. As a Dad, it can feel like a sense of identity is lost as you are helping your child to find their own, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your kids involved with any interests that you have can be a great way to bond and share time together, ... [read more]

Music Monday: Sasha Renee I Am Sasha Renee

Do you remember Sasha Renee? About 3 years ago, I talked about how I loved her style, concepts and lyrics. She reminded me of a mixture of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and a little of India Arie. Those sentiments remain true especially when she dropped an unreleased track called Modern Day Emmitt Tills, which was dope. With female MCs being talked about lately because the Remy Ma/Nikki Minaj beef that’s going on, there’s so many ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Sasha Renee is one of them and that’s the reason she’s my Music Monday pick ... [read more]

Win Tickets to the NCAA Final Four Courtesy of Sam’s Club

Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are 100% my own. Are you ready for March Madness? This is my favorite time of year as I get to watch all those tournament games. The tournament offers everything from suspense, upsets, buzzer beaters and emotions. Every year I spend countless hours watching the opening rounds of the tournament and ripping multiple brackets. Through all those hours of being a couch potato, you still have to look and smell good. Here’s your chance to handle your business and get a shot at watching the Final ... [read more]

Scarface Released the Untouchable 20 Years Ago Today

Twenty year ago today, Scarface released his 4th album The Untouchable. A we all know, Scarface became a household name with the legendary group, Geto Boys along with Bushwick Bill and Willie D. The Untouchable was released about two and a half years after dropping his classic album, The Diary. Guests on this album included 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Too Short and many more. For those who don’t know, Face is one of my favorite rappers EVER!! As a matter of fact, he ranks third on my all-time list behind Nas and Pac. While this isn’t my favorite ... [read more]

Awesome Egg-cellent Counting Game For Your Kids

One, two, buckle my shoe Three, four, close the door... Remember the familiar rhyme? It’s been recited for decades, perhaps centuries, and it’s sure to be around well into the future. Times may change but some things don’t, and regardless of the generation, children love counting! Navigate a set of stairs with a toddler and try to stop her from counting each one, or watch a preschooler sort his Lego or other toys into groups—you’d never know he was cleaning up! Kids are naturally fascinated by numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, and ... [read more]