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    Whitney Houston Greatest Love of All for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. Once again, my playlist this week was crazy. Seasoned Veteran from Richie Rich kicked things off and it was followed Naughty by Nature’s Greatest Hits album. Word of Mouf from Luda, No Mercy by T.I. and The End by the Three 6 Mafia was also played. Speaking of Three 6 Mafia, make sure you check their Verzuz with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony tonight. B.G.’s Chopper City, Amerikaz Nightmare by Mobb deep and The Bachelor was also played this week. All those are worthy of being featured this week, but I’m going in another direction. Disc 1 of Whitney Houston’s…

  • Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 13 NFL Predictions
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    Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 13 NFL Predictions

    Week 12 was a step in the right direction as my record was 7-4. My overall mark went to 58-40, which has me closer the 60% winning percentage. The winning percentage went from 58.6 to 59.2%. One of the bigger surprises from a week ago was the Las Vegas Raiders beating the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals laid claim to being one of the best in the AFC with their rout of Pittsburgh. The Patriots made it six in a row with a blowout win over the Tennessee Titans. The Rams continued their downward spiral by losing their 3rd in a row by falling to Green Bay. We now have Week…

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    4 Different Forms and Ways to Consume Marijuana in 2022

    Before you consume any form of marijuana, it is important to know that every form is mind-altering in some way or another. The mind is going to react similarly to every form as the molecules of the compound react with the brain cells. You are still going to experience that feeling of euphoria and relaxation once your system has digested these compounds. However, you can still try different ways of consuming this magical herb for stress relief and pain management. Let’s begin: 1. Traditional Leaves Never Get Old People who have been consuming marijuana for a long time, prefer to stick to the traditional leaves. These are plain marijuana leaves,…

  • Helpful and Top Tips On Buying Your First Motorcycle
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    Helpful and Top Tips On Buying Your First Motorcycle

    Taking down the road on a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. If you’re staying safe on it, it can be quite a freeing time. To feel this, you’ll naturally need to have a motorcycle. Buying one could be complicated, however. For anybody that’s never owned one before, that’s especially true. You’ll need to know how to buy your first motorcycle. You might assume that looking at one or two specific things would be enough. That’s not the case. You’ll need to focus on quite a few areas when you’re doing so. That’ll make sure that you get the best motorcycle for your needs. How To Buy Your First Motorcycle…

  • Ludacris Word of Mouf
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    Ludacris Word of Mouf Released 20 Years Ago Today

    Ludacris is known as one of the best lyricists to ever touch the mic despite his playful delivery. Ludacris first hit the scene worldwide over 20 years ago. Back for the First Time was his debut album and it hit hard by selling over 3 million copies. The album produced several hits like Southern Hospitality and What’s Your Fantasy. Those hits made him one of the biggest rappers in the world at the turn of the century. Unfortunately, Ludacris haven’t dropped an album in over 6 years. These days you can catch him doing movies like Fast and the Furious and being an entrepreneur. 20 years ago today, Ludacris dropped…

  • 5 Tips For Stress Free Christmas Shopping

    5 Tips For Stress Free Christmas Shopping

    Shopping for Christmas can be stressful, can’t it? Getting in and out of the shops, traveling to the different towns for the right stores and even going out of your way to buy and wrap the gifts – it’s a lot! Shopping should be fun and it should be something you enjoy doing – especially at Christmas time! You don’t want this to feel rushed or as if it’s too much pressure. It’s Christmas; it’s the time of year that you want to spend with family and friends having fun, eating too much and enjoying exchanging gifts together. Whether you are shopping for Little League coach gifts or you are…

  • 8 Methods Of Making Your Home A Lot More Child-Friendly

    8 Methods Of Making Your Home A Lot More Child-Friendly

    Your home is something that should obviously have a lot of care taken into it. While it’s simply a property that keeps you warm, private, and content, it’s actually so much more than that. There are plenty of aspects that need lots of work and you’ll never stop trying to improve. The décor and the overall design will always be enhanced, and you’ll always look for ways of raising the value. When it comes to your family – and, more specifically, your kids – your home matters so much. Your kids are going to be so impressionable, so they’ll want to be brought up in a home that makes them…

  • Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 12 NFL Predictions
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    Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 12 NFL Predictions

    Welcome to Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season as this is Thanksgiving week. With that, the NFL got you covered with three games to enjoy. Week 11 finally saw me come out with a positive record. My record was 5-2 and my overall mark went to 51-36, The winning percentage jumped from 57.5 to 58.6%. Last week, we saw the continued dominance by the Patriots defense as they shutout the Falcons. Indianapolis made a statement by going to Buffalo and beating down the Bills. The Chiefs defense continues to show they’re one of the best by holding the Dallas offense in check. The Titans fell to the Houston Texans…

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    3 Considerations Before Purchasing a Mattress

    Choosing a new mattress may be a challenge due to the many alternatives available. Even if you don’t have back or neck pain, the right mattress might make all the difference in your day. In the world of mattresses, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model. What works for others may not be great for you. The best part is that mattress stores in Acworth ga can assist you in this endeavor. Picking an ideal mattress is a critical part of the purchase process. But if you are unsure what to look for in a mattress, here are some things to keep in mind. Comfortability Mattresses have in a wide…

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    3 Common Situations Where You Need a Family Lawyer

    A parking or traffic ticket is a legal matter. So is a late-night mugging on your way home. The “defendant” in both these cases has very different situations but will still need an attorney to handle their defense. Consequently, there are plenty of legal matters in everyday situations that require you to work with a family lawyer. It is always a clever idea to know about such circumstances and why you should hire a lawyer. As a result, many households in Edmonton have already benefited from working with a family lawyer and further encourage people to hire legal representatives to solve their legally complex everyday matters. In this article, you…

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    5 Tips To Strengthen Your Long-Distance Bonding This Holiday Season

    Making a long-distance relationship work takes a lot of effort. You have to keep the spark alive despite the lack of physical connection and intimacy. It can take a toll on your bonding, even more, when the holidays are around. You miss your partner when you see other couples having a good time together. But you can still do your bit to keep your bond strong through the season and throughout the year. Love gives enough motivation, and some creative ideas help. Here are the ones that can keep you going strong as long-distance partners. Connect more often Long-distance relationships thrive on connection, and partners who stay in touch do…

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    Great and Helpful Tips on How to Clean Floor Mats

    You can be extremely careful; however, your car floor mats can still take quite a beating. Car floor mats are the first interior defense against spills, mud, and snow. Therefore, they need extra attention than the rest of the interior.  This becomes especially important during the winters in Newtown Square. Discover how to clean car floor mats with us. WHAT ARE THE SUPPLIES YOU’LL NEED It all depends on the kind of floor mats you own, but you’ll need various sets of supplies: Floor Mats Made of Rubber: A hose or a bucket of water, a vacuum, a stiff bristle brush, cleaner for rubber mats, a microfiber towel, and a…