Smart Money Moves to Make After Losing your Job

Losing a job can make for an extremely stressful time both financially and emotionally. There are two ways to look at the situation, one is as a defeat and the other is as an opportunity. When you look at this loss as an opportunity, it can help you stay motivated and moving forward to bigger and better things. This challenging time is a chance to exercise the following smart money moves. Review and Adjust Current Finances It may have been a while since you checked your finances and how you have been allocating your money to the various ... [read more]

A Dad’s Guide To Giving Your Child More Freedom

As parents, one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do is let go and give your child that freedom they’re going to want and need. You remember what it was like when you were there age. You wanted to be out with your friends doing your own thing and, while you may say to yourself, “yeah, but it was different back then,” this means nothing to your kid. Basically, we have all got to let go sooner or later and our job as the parent is to protect but not smother, remember that. You are there to encourage them to be able to stand on their ... [read more]

New City Livin’: Settling In When You Don’t Know Anyone

For many people, packing up their life and heading to a new and exciting city is a complete dream. And these days, as many of us are freelancers and self-employed, this is entirely achievable. You just need to pack up your laptop, and then you can work from anywhere that has Wi-Fi.   Sure, this digital nomad lifestyle might sound super tempting, but are you sure you would have a wonderful time if you landed in a city without knowing a soul? Trying to settle into a new city without knowing anyone can be an unnerving prospect. However, ... [read more]

5 Great Father’s Day Gifts Courtesy of Babbleboxx

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media Father’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year, but also one of reflective thinking. The best part of the day is no doubt receiving love from my family. It’s something that can’t be described and as my kids get older it means a whole lot more with every passing year. Last month, my son graduated from high school and will be headed to the Air Force in January so this year is very special to me. We also reflect on the impact my father had on all of us as he ... [read more]

Moving Abroad For Work? Make It Work For Your Family

We all dream of a promotion at work and all the benefits that it will bring: a higher salary, more responsibility, and a new title. But what would you do if the promotion required you to move abroad to the company’s foreign HQ? Sure, the money might be very attractive but are you sure you will be carefree living in a new country?   Plus, you need to consider how the move would impact your family. If you were just moving on your own, things might work out fine. But now you need to make sure that your partner and children will be able ... [read more]

How to Become a Fidget-Spinning Pro

Fidgeting is an effective sensory support for improving your general health and wellbeing, and reducing stress. Sensory play is now included in occupational therapies which help improve brain development and the coordination of neurons in brain pathways. The next time you are told that you are wasting time fidgeting, just tell people about the various benefits of this habit. For your ease, here we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how fidgeting works as a sensory support for improved nervous coordination as well as the techniques for ... [read more]

Are You A Good Swimmer? 3 Water Sports To Try With Your Kids

It’s important that all parents encourage their kids to spend time in the water. That is because young people need to become confident in that situation. Also, water sports are fun, and they can help to bring you together. With that in mind, there are three fantastic suggestions below this paragraph. You don’t have to choose anything from this list. However, I just wanted to point you in the right direction. The ideas in this article are guaranteed to ensure your kids have an excellent time. Just make sure you take them to the local pool first ... [read more]

Here Are 4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe In The Home

If you are like most parents, you find yourself constantly worrying about the safety and wellbeing of your kids. When they are at home, you expect that they should be able to remain as safe as possible, but that is not always the case. As it happens, the home is often one of the places which needs the most care and attention to keep everyone safe and secure. In this article, we are going to consider some of the essential things that you need to do if you want to ensure your children are safe at home. There are many potential dangers and threats ... [read more]

Like Taking Road Trips? Would You Take A Road Trip With Your Kids?

Kids. You’ve got to love them! They’re funny and smart and adorable and cute. They’re also demanding work, and very difficult to please a lot of the time! Every parent can be forgiven for dreaming of a great vacation that doesn’t involve changing diapers, wiping runny noses, or dealing with a moody teen. So, when it comes to that all-American, and most grown-up of all vacations, the road trip, would you bring the kids along? Packing It’s easier than you think to take a road trip with your whole family. These days, you can take all your ... [read more]

Here Are 4 Travel Don’ts That Could Spoil Your Vacation

Jetting off on vacation is a very exciting time for all families. It’s a chance to spend some quality time together and forget all about the stresses and worries of work. For most families, heading off to a coastal location with a great beach and fantastic weather seems like a great option! As most of these idyllic locations are in far-off places such as tropical islands on exotic continents. And because they are so far away, you will certainly need to prepare well for your family’s travels. This will help you prevent anything from going wrong ... [read more]