15 Signs You’re a Kid of the 90s

Sponsored By Activision’s Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy Ah, the 90s. A much simpler time, even though we were on the road to Y2K and thought Prince’s ‘1999’ was prophetic. In retrospect, the party definitely wasn’t “over” when the decade came to a close, but we miss everything about the era from the crazy candy to the boy bands and the birth of the term “whatever” to the video games. Read on for a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. 1. You drank every last drop of your Squeezit and then used it as a water gun.   2. You ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Survivor Series PPV Review

  First off, the NXTTakeover: War Games PPV was extremely good and I was highly impressed. Coming out of that event; Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Killian Dean, Lars Sullivan and Andrade "Cien" Almas impressed me. Now let’s turn our attention to the Survivor Series and see how things turned out. The main event saw the men’s team from Raw battling Team SmackDown Live. The co-main event saw the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar take on the WWE Champion A.J. Styles. This event is based off the Raw Brand taking on Team ... [read more]

Lazy Man’s Guide to Keeping Your Heart Healthy without Workouts

Keeping the heart healthy should be your aim, especially if you have crossed the age of 40. Heart disease has become very common largely due to our unhealthy diets, stressful lifestyles, and insufficient exercise. Here’s how you can keep your heart beating properly without hitting the gym: Know the Age of Your Heart Most people have hearts that are older than their actual age, simply because their lifestyle has taken more of a toll on it. You can use the 'Heart Age' Calculator developed by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... [read more]

Fur Realz, Crash Bandicoot Is Back!

In Partnership with Activision’s Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Triology   Few videogame characters can elicit the kind of popular adoration and enthusiasm that elevate them from mere cartoons to full-fledged cultural icons. In the late-1990s, the videogame icon that instantly captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers everywhere was a googly-eyed marsupial named Crash Bandicoot, who burst onto the console gaming scene and effectively helped put the then-nascent Sony PlayStation system on the map. For parents who spent our youths ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Week 11 NFL Predictions 2017

Welcome to Week 11 of the NFL season as we’re a week away from Thanksgiving. Last week my record was 4-2, which raised my overall record to 40-31. My overall record jumped to 40-31 and it raised my overall winning percentage from 55.4 to 56.3%. It seems like the NFC will be a dogfight between the Eagles, Saints, Rams and Vikings. Last week, New Orleans went to Buffalo and beat the hell out of the Bills. The Los Angeles Rams blew out Houston, while Minnesota picked up a huge win on the road against Washington. The big news coming out of the ... [read more]

7 Ways to Make Sure to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

You hear all the time about the importance of sun protection and this is for good reason. The sun can cause major problems, such as premature aging and even skin cancer. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays that cause damage. The key is to develop a plan and make sure that you execute it so that you have the protection you need for healthy, youthful skin. Wear the Right Clothing When you are spending time outdoors on a hot and sunny day, the clothing that you wear is essential sure ... [read more]

Do You Lose Things Often? 3 Things Tile Can Help Me Find

One of the things that many of us have in common is that we forgot things. Some of us forget things more than usual, which I’m speaking for myself because I’m always having a lapse in memory. Whether it’s my car keys, remote control or my favorite hat I’m always misplacing things. Fortunately for me and people like myself, there’s something that can help us all out. This excellent product called Tile can help with all these problems. After making your purchase, download the Tile app from the App Store and it’s easy to set up. Once you select ... [read more]

Are Your Kids Ready For Winter? 3 Ways to Have Them Ready

It can sometimes be quite surprising just how much the change of the seasons can affect children. As a parent, you might have noticed this in the past, and it’s possible that you have found yourself wondering what you can do to make the season change a little easier on them. Arguably one of the hardest is the upcoming autumn to winter change, as that sudden cold snap can really affect your children in some profound ways. If you want to know what you can do to ready them more for the winter months, then read on. A Thick Jacket If there ... [read more]

4 Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Good from One Professional Clean to the Next

If you have young children in the home, chances are that your home is often disastrous. If cleaning the home has become too difficult to do, then it is time to call in the professionals. With a professional, cleaning your home will be easier and you will have more time to spend with the children or even simply relax. One of the best things that you can do is to have a cleaning service come in every so often to give your home a deep clean so that all you have to do is maintain that cleanliness until the next time they come in to clean again. ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Week 11 College Football Predictions

Welcome to Week 11 of the college football season as we get closer to the end of the season. With the new college football rankings out, the top 5 remain the same, but that could change this weekend. After what happened last weekend, anything can happen, and those rankings don’t mean anything. Ohio State went to Iowa and had their championship aspirations dashed when the Hawkeyes blew them out. After a long weather delay in Lansing, Penn State fail to the Spartans on a last-second field goal. Iowa State had their dream season where they had ... [read more]