The Battery Atlanta Hosts Viewing Party Opening Day

The defending National League East Champion Atlanta Braves will host a watch party at The Battery Atlanta for Opening Day as the team begins its season on the road against division rivals the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday, March 28 at 2 p.m. First pitch is slated for 3:05 p.m. A live DJ, the Heavy Hitters and ATL Breakers will entertain the crowd between innings BLOOPER, the Tomahawk Team, Chick-fil-A Herd of Cows and the Home Depot Tools will be on-hand interacting with fans throughout the afternoon Fans can take ... [read more]

5 Ways You Can Be A Role Model To Your Children

Dads, do you ever look at your child and wonder what they will turn out like? Well, it’s a hard truth to get to grips with but, often your child's behavior and the person they will become is down to you. In fact, as dads, we have a massive impact on how our kids turn out, both as they are growing up and as they become adults, and that is why it is so important to act as a positive role model and lead the family from the front. After all, where you lead, they will follow. A topic that you can find out more about below. Get your emotional ... [read more]

Listen to My Top 5 Albums from Scarface

Last week, we named the top 5 albums from my favorite rapper alive Nas. Scarface began his rap career as a member of the Geto Boys. A few days ago, the Geto Boys celebrated the 30th anniversary of their Grip It! On That Other Level album. That was the first album with him, Willie D and Bushwick Bill together and the rest is history. The trio put out six albums, Scarface put out of 13 studio albums, two compilation projects and a couple of mixtapes. Scarface have been called the original King of the South and viewed as one of the best to ever do ... [read more]

6 Self Care Ideas for Men to Embrace

When you think of self-care, you probably imagine a woman listening to music in a bubble bath, it hardly sounds like a manly activity. What self-care is actually about is giving you the opportunity to relax both physically and mentally. When you’re constantly surrounded by the stress of work, you probably can’t function properly. Coming home doesn’t help much, considering you’ll be surrounded by your screaming kids that crave attention. Finding some time for your hobbies and relaxation seems like an impossible mission. Taking care of yourself ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Presents Mixtape Friday Volume 11

Once again, it’s Friday and that mean we have another Mixtape Friday. Are you ready for Mixtape Friday Volume 11? This past week, there was a total of 7 albums that made my playlist. The first two albums were a couple of slow jam albums. Avant’s My Thoughts and If I Fall in Love from Shai were the albums. Avant has always been underrated and the Shai album has a special place because it was released in my teen years. After that, my compilation from last week was next. One of my personal mixtapes came up next and it was followed by the 5th Ward ... [read more]

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