2019 NBA Eastern Conference Finals Predictions

With the Western Conference Finals underway, it’s time to turn our attention to the Eastern Conference Finals. On Tuesday, Golden State dominated Portland in Game 1. Also, on Tuesday night, the New Orleans Pelicans earned the #1 draft pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Now onto the Eastern Conference Finals where the Milwaukee Bucks will take on the Toronto Raptors. Milwaukee took care of the Celtics in five games. The Bucks won four consecutive games after Boston took Game 1 in Milwaukee. Toronto reached this point after surviving an epic seven ... [read more]

4 Most Beneficial Classes Back in High School

While talking with much younger co-workers, our attention turned to school and how much we miss it. We talked about the most beneficial classes we’ve took back in high school and it brought back memories. While in high school, like most of us we couldn’t wait for the day we leave for good. Now that we’re adults, those were some of the best times of our lives and miss it very much. The friendships and just being kids were cool, but the academic side was great also. Unfortunately, my career took a different path than originally thought for some ... [read more]

2019 NBA Western Conference Finals

After two of the more entertaining semifinal series in recent memory, we turn our attention to the Western Conference Finals. The two-time defending champions and top seed Golden State is on one side. On the other side, the Portland Trailblazers and they come in as the third seed. Golden State reached this point after six hard fought games against the Houston Rockets. Portland reached the Western Conference Finals by knocking off the second seed, Denver Nuggets in a classic seven game series. Steph Curry lead the Warriors with 33 second half ... [read more]

4 Ways to Involve Your Kiddos in Your Household Tasks

Let's be a little real here — becoming an adult was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. I've even got a t-shirt that says just that. Things like work, paying bills, buying groceries, washing dishes and doing laundry make me want to build a pillow fort, climb inside and never come out again. Nah, I'm just kidding. I love my job. The rest is what makes me want to hide in a pillow fort. I'm a crappy adult. As much as I love my parents, they never taught me how to function in an adult world. Things like paying bills, buying cars and ... [read more]

Was Loss to Warriors Houston’s Last Chance at a Title?

When the Houston Rockets got ready for game six of their Western Conference semifinal series with the Golden State Warriors, their goal was to extend the series to seven games against an injured and struggling Warriors team. But the Rockets turned in a puzzling performance, not only getting eliminated from this postseason, but raising questions as to whether or not Houston will ever have a chance to get to the Finals as currently constructed. Everything was looking like it would work out for the Rockets heading into game six. They were at ... [read more]

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