There Are Plenty More Fish In The Sea, And You Could Catch Them!

Being a dad is demanding work. Rewarding, of course, but hard. Sometimes, it can seem as though you have no time to yourself. Between work and home life, it’s all one big blur. Is it any wonder that we make man caves? It’s the only chance we get to recuperate! Or is it?   Today, we’re talking fishing. Before you roll your eyes and decide it isn’t for you, hear us out. Fishing is, by far, one of the most relaxing sports you could choose. And, relaxing doesn’t mean boring, either. When you get a catch, you’re sure to feel the ... [read more]

The Best Summer Sports to do With Your Kids

Summer is a time for making sure that your kids get out there and enjoy the outdoors a little. It’s something that you should encourage your kids to do, and there’s no better way of doing that than showing them how it's done. You can really bond with your children and make sure that you have fun together during the summer while also getting them active. So, which sports are best for you to do with your kids this summer? Read on to find out. BMX Biking BMX biking is a lot of fun, and if it’s something that your child is already interested ... [read more]

4 Tips to Helping Your Child Start to Play Hockey with Confidence

As a parent, it is very rewarding to see our children’s efforts and sacrifices finally pay off by winning and performing great in their favorite sport. Watching them enjoy and excel at the same time is probably one of the most memorable things that we will treasure of their childhood.   But playing a sport is not always about winning. It also involves losing, learning from past mistakes, and moving forward. Sometimes we see our children fail to deliver in actual games even after putting countless hours into practice. Getting into ... [read more]

4 Reasons Why RaceTrac Is My One-Stop Shop

This post was brought to you by RaceTrac, I received compensation to write about this post but all opinions expressed are my own. As everyone should know by now, RaceTrac is my one-stop shop for pretty much everything. In Georgia, it’s hard to stay cool in the summer, but with the Sodapalooza deal going on there I can stay hydrated at all times. Not only do I head there to stay hydrated, but with RaceTrac near my job I’m there twice a week to pick up breakfast to get my day started. With my daughter being a cheerleader this year, I can ... [read more]

How To Turn Your Love of Music Into A Career

Ask any high school student what they want to be when they grow up, and you can bet “rock star” or “singer” will be the first thing out of many of their mouths. The lucky few musicians who do make it to superstardom may tell you that assertion isn’t always welcomed by teachers – Shakira, Rod Stewart, Liam Gallagher, and even John Lennon were all told at school that they could not make a career from music. It’s a sentiment that continues to this day, with the creative arts facing continued marginalization in the education ... [read more]

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Big Ride

Trucks, vans, trailers. We love the sheer power they offer. But the cost of diesel fuel has been rising in recent years, and electrical breakdowns can be expensive to remedy. So it’s essential that we find ways to maximize the efficiency - both fuel efficiency and electrical efficiency - of our big rides. After all, everyone assumes that people who drive big vehicles can’t possibly care about efficiency. Why don’t we show them they’re wrong? Maintain your ride Maintaining your vehicle is the most important thing you can do to improve fuel ... [read more]

International Players Anthem from UGK Featuring Outkast

While riding around the other day I was playing my multiple-disc UGK Greatest Hits album and came across this track. At the time, I didn’t really appreciate my Throwback Thursday track as it featured UGK & Outkast on the same track. International Players Anthem is one of the more underrated tracks ever as it dropped about 10 years ago before Pimp C passed away. Two of my favorite groups of all-time on one track couldn’t get better than this. After listening more and more to this track, it makes me miss Pimp C more and clamor for another ... [read more]

The Dad’s Guide to Throwing a Kids Party

In today Pinterest-influenced world, party planning can be overwhelming for less-than-crafty dads. But if you’ve been tasked with planning your son or daughter’s birthday party, don’t panic. How hard can throwing a child’s birthday party be? We’ve given you a few ideas in the past, and here are more tips to help any dad navigate the ins and outs of cakes and party bags. Choose a theme The first order of business is choosing a party theme. Ask your child for input with this – it’s her party after all! Superheroes, animals, or garden ... [read more]

The Perfect Birthday Gifts For Dads

Dads always seem to be the trickiest in the family to buy for. He can only receive so many socks, pants, and wallets in his lifetime. Shopping can be a nightmare when you have no idea what to get dad to, shopping centers are hectic and when you don't know what you want to buy it doubles the stress.   Think of all the things your dad has loved over the years this can be little mementos, favorite drink or food. Hampers are a great idea is to make something, it requires effort but it won't be like the other gifts he’ll receive. The best ... [read more]

4 Benefits to Taking Martial Arts Classes

The popularity of martial arts is gaining traction over time with more and more people expressing interest in the practice and some even go as far as enrolling in martial arts classes offered by groups like the ones offered at the popular martial arts Baltimore studios. These classes offer many people the opportunity to learn important skills while getting fit. The TV show UFC and MMA make martial arts even more interesting for people, while young women and kids that also have a desire to learn self-defense are gravitating towards learning ... [read more]