Houston Golden State: Who’s Winning Game 3?

After these two teams split the games in Houston, they head to Oakland. The biggest news headed to Game 3 has been, what’s the deal with Steph Curry? To be honest, this series feels like the NBA Finals because they are the two best teams in the league. You have arguably five of the best 15 players in the league in this series. Coming into this series, my prediction was that Golden State would win it in six games. After Game 1, some were thinking the Warriors would even sweep the Rockets. After a phenomenal Game 2 by the Rockets, people have ... [read more]

What’s the Deal with Steph Curry?

We all have heard it on various sports talk shows. The reporters even asked Coach Steve Kerr and Steph himself after his horrible Game 2. What’s the deal with Steph Curry? After missing over a month, Steph returned to action against the Pelicans and went off. It seemed like the old Steph was back, but he hasn’t been playing well since that game. Golden State has been carried by Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green after Curry’s return. Should there be a cause for concern? Of course, think back two years ago -- when he came back from ... [read more]

Can the Cavs Take Game 3 From Boston At Home?

As many of you know by now, I’ve had Cleveland penciled in for another Finals appearance. My thinking was this would be an epic series and the Cavs would win it in 6 or 7 games. I’m not saying that still couldn’t happen because all Boston did was hold down homecourt. As a matter of fact, Boston is 9-0 at home in the playoffs and 1-4 when they’re on the road. In the Game 1, Boston annihilated the Cavs by jumping on them from the beginning. In the second game, we all knew that Lebron would go off and he did just that. In the first quarter alone, ... [read more]

6 Ways on How to Choose CBD Oil for Pain

It is not uncommon for new CBD patients to feel a bit overwhelmed by the numerous options these days. CBD dispensaries and shops carry a wide variety of products than before. With these new brands hitting the market, newbies may find it difficult to choose the best CBD oil for pain. To help you choose the right product for your pain condition, here’s a simple guide on how to pick the best CBD product. Things to Consider When Choosing CBD Oil Product Some people that since you are buying a product derived from a plant, it must be safe for ... [read more]

Janet Jackson Released Janet Album 25 Years Ago

Janet Jackson have been in the public eye for over 40 years. We all remember her role as Penny on Good Times and later she was on Different Strokes. Janet Jackson released her debut album, Janet Jackson in 1982. She finally broke out in 1986 when she released her Control album. Three years later, she dropped her classic Rhythm Nation joint and it took the world by storm. On May 18, 1993 she released her fifth studio album titled Janet. With this album, Janet Jackson embraced her sexual side as she became more of a sex symbol. This album sold ... [read more]

Need Ammo for Self-Defense: Here’s the Best Ammo for Self-Defense

When you’re looking at a handgun to purchase for concealed carry or self-defense, choosing the gun itself is only part of the process. The next step that you will need to take is you will need to choose the ammunition that you load into that gun, and this step is crucial.  It doesn’t matter if you have the best gun in the world, having poor ammunition isn’t going to make it very effective in a true life-or-death defensive situation. This article is written assuming that you’ve found a good gun for self-defense and in a caliber that is good for ... [read more]

Big Daddy by Heavy D for Throwback Thursday

Growing up and even now, people around always told me that I favored Heavy D. My first experiences of him is when my dad bought me the first Heavy D & the Boys cassette, yes I did say cassette. It was his first album and I loved it. Recently, I peeped a mixtape which was the Best of Heavy D and the Boyz. Let’s just say that Heavy D had hits for days and I rode out to it the entire day. My only issue is, what track should be featured as my Throwback Thursday. The featured track is called Big Daddy and it was on his Waterbed Hev album. This ... [read more]

The Future of Financial Literacy: Talking Money with Kids

Nobody’s born a financial genius. But as you grow, you get the opportunity to learn from those who’ve done it before. Just as you start to feel there’s a few financial boxes you’ve checked off, it might be time to swap chairs and become the one giving advice versus receiving it. Whether they’re nieces and nephews or your own little ones, answering financial questions and helping kids understand money is a skill all its own. And it’s one worth practicing. Experts say that kids need to develop a good, solid understanding of money – what it is, ... [read more]

Seven Timeless Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

An outfit is never complete without accessories since they offer that finishing touch that gets you from looking good to looking exquisite. Men require only a few accessories to get them through their daily endeavors. Everyone likes standing out from a crowd. Paying attention to details always gives you an edge in life. Keeping that information in mind, you will learn about seven accessories every man should have in his collection. When it comes to a man’s closet, the accessories listed below must be present. Watches It is well-known that ... [read more]

6 Perfect Snacks to Take on Your Family Road Trip

The kids have less than two weeks of school left, and summer is around the corner. In Georgia, we’re anticipating those hot and humid days where it seems like you’re suffocating. This summer I’ll officially have two kids finished with high school. My youngest will be entering her final year of middle school and we’re already planning our vacation and a couple of road trips. This year, we’re doing something different because we used to just wake up and take off for the road. My wife wants to plan a couple of road trips this year, so we must be ... [read more]