8 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs

The air conditioning unit is one of the most critical features in residential and commercial buildings during the warmer months of the year to ensure that the interior setting is climate-controlled. Over time, the air conditioner can begin to develop issues due to its age or wear and tear. If you want to maintain the appliance and keep it running, there are a few signs that you need air conditioning repair Denver CO. 1. A Lack of Cold Air You may have airflow in the building, but it doesn't feel cold. The temperature inside of the home ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 Extreme Rules PPV Review

The WWE had their monthly PPV take place last night. Extreme Rules featured a total of 12 matches, which two of them taking place on the Pre-Show. All championships were defended except for the Universal Title, which is held by Brock Lesnar. A.J. Styles defended the WWE Championship against Rusev. In a 30-minute Ironman Match, Dolph Ziggler put up the Intercontinental title against former champion, Seth Rollins. The Bludgeon Brothers defended the SmackDown Live titles against the newly reunited, Team Hell No. Alexa Bliss defended the Raw ... [read more]

Create Family Memories On A Road Trip To The Golden Isles

Last year approximately 87.7 million U.S. citizens traveled out of the United States showing that the majority of US residents are choosing to vacation within the US. With fifty states to choose from the options for family holidays are endless. So if you don’t fancy leaving the country then take the family to Georgia’s Golden Isles for an array of healthy family activities including beach living, nature trails, boat trips and so much more. Where are the Golden Isles? A group of four barrier islands, Jekyll Island, Little St. Simons ... [read more]

Updating Your Wardrobe: 3 Big Brand Names to Keep an Eye Out For

While you may be comfortable with your current wardrobe, every now and then you should carry out an overhaul and give the entire thing an update. This will prevent you from falling behind the times and will also ensure that all of your clothes look fresh, clean, and in pristine condition. Now, it can be relatively difficult knowing where to start on this journey. Especially if you haven’t been clothes shopping in a while. So, to help you out, here are a few big-name brands that you should try out! Wrangler When jeans form the staple of ... [read more]

Kanye West Heard Em Say for Throwback Thursday

Another week and another Throwback Thursday track on deck. Yesterday I finally broke down and listened to the Ye album by Kanye West. When people told me that it was different, they weren’t lying. Honestly, a couple songs caught my attention which was Yikes and No Mistakes. Overall, this wasn’t for me, but then again, I wouldn’t call myself a Kanye fan. The people that’s huge fan of his have called him a genius and haters have called him a nut. To me, Kanye isn’t a genius and he’s far from a nut, but I admire his ability of speaking his mind. ... [read more]

9 Reasons Taking A Nap Is Beneficial To You

Ever since I’ve become a parent, it seems like sleep has always taken a backseat. Despite my kids getting older, it seems like I’ve always put off getting much needed rest. For the past few months, I’ve been taking my sleeping seriously and even getting in a nap as much as I can. Many people don’t realize that napping can be very beneficial for you. We have always thought napping was for babies, but adults can reap the benefits of it also. A short nap in the mid-afternoon can boost memory, improve job performance, lift your mood, make you more ... [read more]

7 Indoor Activities For Dads To Do With Their Kids

How does a father entertain his kids while Mom’s away, you ask? Here are 7 cool indoor activities to keep your little ones busy! Build your own forts and castles. The classic pillow forts with blankets and rugs will always cheer a child up— maybe even adults. Relive your childhood and brighten up your kids’ by building regal and royal forts made of the most whimsical things. Your princes and princesses will end up tired from their royal adventures after this one for sure! Bake kid-friendly treats. Mom isn’t the only one who can cook up ... [read more]

I Miss My Homies by Master P for Throwback Thursday

Ghetto D from Master P is one of the more influential albums in the south. No Limit Records and Master P were putting a series of classic before Ghetto D dropped. Down South Hustlas, I’m Bout It Soundtrack, Ice Cream Man and many other classic projects. Outside of Death Row, No Limit is my favorite rap labels ever. It’s been over 20 years since Ghetto D dropped and you can say that after Pac & Big died, Master P took the torch. One of the standout tracks on the album features Silkk the Shocker and Pimp C. I Miss My Homies is the featured ... [read more]

10 Ways to Protect Kids From Accidental Drowning

Nearly 300-children under the age of five drown in pools and spas every year. The number one way to prevent drownings is through proactive parent supervision, but most drownings occur when a child was thought to be in the house but slipped outside without anyone knowing. This year alone, at least two children drowned days after their family moved into a new home.   In 77% of accidental drownings, the child had been seen 5-minutes or less before being missed. That’s why pool safety advocates at Life Saver Pool Fence urge parents to ... [read more]

Help Kids Learn New Things During Playtime

Children are curious, and they love to learn the ways of the world. They are fond of playing and eager to explore. Many parents make the mistake of introducing their kids to gadgets as now is the smartphone era. It is not a wise thing to do if you want your child to develop naturally. How is playing important? Young children love to play and experiment with activities and toys. With time, they start realizing their own identities and how they are different- the first thing they notice is the difference between girls and boys. Some small ... [read more]