Dad’s Role When Your Child Is About To Start College

One minute you are celebrating the fact they just rolled over or took their first steps, and the next you are preparing to send them off to college. It is terrifying how quick they grow up, for both parties in all honesty, and that is why it is so important for us dads to get involved in as much of the process as possible. Yes, their prospective induction day could be an entire summer away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the Dad thing of being (over) protective and ensuring they have all they need from bits and bobs to words of wisdom they ... [read more]

Scared Of The Dark? 10 Ways To Overcome Your Fear

Most parents have had to deal with a child who fears the dark. Normally, these fears of the dark, monsters, and nightmares begin when they hit the age of four and can last for a good few years. Normally, these fears stem from the stories and TV shows that they watch. At an early age, children are unable to distinguish facts from fiction and, if they read or watch a story about a monster, they might start to believe that monsters do exist. And then their imagination can start to run wild when they are laid in bed in the dark, and it can be quite ... [read more]

How to Convince Your Kids to Go on a Family Camping Trip

In the past, kids loved the idea of camping. Travelling to the great outdoors and playing with their friends and family in a field or in the woods was a lot of innocent fun. Sadly, that’s a pleasure that’s generally lost on children these days thanks to the entertainment they can get from something like a tablet device or a mobile phone. As unfortunate as it is, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some fun out of a camping trip anymore.   However, convincing your children is another deal entirely. They might want to stay at home where ... [read more]

Turning Your Garage into a Functional Man Cave

Your garage need not only be the place in which you park your car. It need not only be the place where you store your tools or old golf clubs are stored. It need not only be the place that you spend a few moments of each day in as you rev your engine. It can be a place in which you actively spend large parts of your day; it can be your perfect little man cave. However, just because you turn it into a man cave, it doesn’t mean it should lose its practical and functional uses. Read on to find out how you can find the perfect balance between manly ... [read more]

Why Staying in a Self-Catered Villa Is Beneficial?

Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world and hosts around 20 million visitors every year. The tourist-heavy country is home to many fashionable resorts on its mainland and dozens of private islands on the Aegean Sea. Therefore, few travel experiences can match a holiday in Greece, because where else would you find such a heavenly mix of vintage wonders, stunning beaches and luxurious villas? Greek holidays offer an all-out choice from the pleasant and green Ionian Islands to the ancient wonders of Athens. However, if your ... [read more]

Father-Son Bonding Activities For You To Try This Summer

If you have come to realize that you might need to spend a little more quality time with your son, you are not alone. The truth is that most fathers experience this feeling from time to time, but just the fact that you have noticed is a solid sign indeed. As it happens, there are many activities you can take part in with your son if you want your relationship to improve and grow. Some are more obvious than others, but they are all real possibilities for how to spend more time with your son. Let’s look at some of the best examples of father-son ... [read more]

Being a Dad Doesn’t Have to Mean Looking Like One

Everyone makes jokes about how uncool dads are. There's nothing good named after dads, from dad dancing to dad jokes. It's like they aim to be embarrassing - and they often do, because what could be more fun than embarrassing your child? But just because you become a father, it doesn't mean you should start looking and acting like one. Well, you do have to step up and be a father, but that doesn't mean being an uncool dad. Just look at how many legends of rap and hip hop are now fathers, and aren't suddenly wearing tucked-in shirts and socks ... [read more]

3 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Swim

Of all the sports that you may hope your kids find some interest in, swimming is arguably the most difficult to persuade them to try. There are a variety of reasons for this. For one, it’s rather exposing; few of us feel comfortable with the idea of being so exposed as we are when we wear swimsuits. Those feelings can be even more difficult for kids to overcome, especially if they are approaching puberty. Then there is the fact it’s a very organized activity; it’s not like they can just head out one evening and do it for a while the way you can ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Review and Stream 4:44 Album by Jay Z

If you’re an exclusive member of Tidal or got service through Sprint, you had the chance to get the new Jay-Z album. A few weeks ago, we started seeing Tidal promoting a project entitled 4:44. Some thought it could be a movie or a Tidal exclusive, but many was hoping for an album from Jay. The response from the album has been nothing, but positive, but I like to listen to albums a few times before judging it. I’ve never claimed to be the biggest Jay-Z fan in the world, but I respect his work. We all know his story and now this dude is damn near ... [read more]

4 Sports That Are Great for Kids to Try

In the contemporary world, it can be difficult to get the kids to go play outside. With a wide range of other activities available at their disposal including television, video games, and other interesting things on the web, kids often tend to overlook the benefits of playing outdoor sports. Hence, it is up to you, parents, to get the kids interested. Before introducing your kid to a sport, you should identify a sport that is age-appropriate for your kid. For instance, toddlers are too young to participate in organized sports; however, they ... [read more]