5 Easy Steps to Build a Successful E-Commerce Site in Days

Building a successful e-commerce website may seem an impossible task provided the presence of giant online stores in the digital space. However, there are many young entrepreneurs who have founded multimillion dollar companies within days. If you are looking to build a successful e-commerce website, here are 5 simple steps you can follow. Think Outside the Box Most owners are of the view that they can keep selling the same items with minor modifications. There is no harm in doing that as far as the product is fetching favorable results, ... [read more]

Help Secure Your Home With Dojo by Bullguard

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.   With all this new-age technology and all these smart items, it just amazes me. There are new dangers that come with all this modern technology especially from hackers. Think about it, when you connect to the internet, you run the risk of getting your information stolen. Dojo by Bullguard is what our family uses to protect us and our smart devices. Dojo by Bullguard is the most comprehensive ... [read more]

Who Loves Tacos? Nothing Like Making Homemade Tacos

I’ll be the first to admit one thing, I love to eat and I’m crazy about Mexican food. One of my favorite places to eat has always been Cabo’s. Sometimes you just want to stay home and cook your own food. My family loves tacos so much, we’re usually eating them at least 3 times a month. Since my kids love them and their finals are this week, we decided why not make some tacos. Below is how I make them, want kind of stuff goes with them and what I like on my tacos. Old El Paso There are many kinds of taco kits they sell in the stores ... [read more]

Dad Gaming: The Best Console Games That Are Out Now

Are you a dad who likes to game? Maybe you’re just a dude who is looking to spend some time gaming at the end of the day, but you have run out of games to play. Either way, you’ll find out everything you need to know, right here. Gaming is one of the best ways for you to de-stress and by trying out some of the latest releases, you can be sure to have a blast reviving your older console or trying out your new one. Rainbow Six Siege When you play Rainbow Six Siege for the first time, the first couple of minutes will probably feel like a ... [read more]

3 Reasons to Get Dove Men Care Products from Sams Club

This is a Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. Are you ready for the Big Game? With the year flying by fast, we don’t have long and I’m so ready for it to get here. This has been an awesome football season and things are getting better as we get near the end of the season. Since I like to go to many various places to watch games, I’ll have to look and smell my best. That’s why Dove Men + Care has been go-to brand for years and will continue to be. Right now, there’s even more incentive to purchase Dove Men + Care, especially ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2017 Clash of Champions PPV Review

Here we have the final PPV for the WWE and it’s the SmackDown-only, Clash of Champions. Of course, this is an old WCW event as I vividly remember watching those specials on TBS back in the day. They were like free PPVs airing on free TV and I remember the classic between Flair & Sting that ended in a time-limit draw. Fast forward, we have the WWE putting on the event with all champions defending their titles. A.J. Styles defended the WWE Championship against former champ, Jinder Mahal. The Usos defended the tag titles against New Day, Gable ... [read more]

Check Out Honcker When Leasing Your Next Vehicle

I was compensated from Honcker for the written article. All opinions are 100% mine.     Recently, we purchased a new car, well let’s say that my son was the one who was buying the car. Honestly, I thought helping him pick his suit for the prom or outfits for senior photos was bad. Let’s just say those pale in comparison to trying to get him the car he wants. Our search ranged pretty much all throughout Northeast Georgia and we got the run around from many places. If that wasn’t bad enough, we got to several different ... [read more]

Two Alternatives to Finding an Investment Property

  If you’re looking to invest in a property then the first consideration should be the types of property that are best to invest in, and once you’ve established that, you’ll want to be getting out there looking for your ideal property. FIND A REAL ESTATE AGENT The most conventional way to find a property is to use a real estate agent which can provide incredible value in terms of the return on investment, particularly due to the convenience and possibility to have an invested (yet somewhat neutral) third party to mediate between ... [read more]

7 Helpful Ways to Protect Your Man Shed

The man cave/she’s/hideout is the ultimate retreat from the world of wives, kids and mother in laws. It is a place we can play with our gadgets, watch sports, drink beer and relax. But it is important that we protect our man cave from being invaded by women, children and thieves. 1. Security and insurance If you have your man she in the garden, you will want to make sure that the building is secure and that it is correctly insured. Insure the contents of you man shed to make sure you are covered in case anything ever happens. You can also ... [read more]

Black Friday Shopping with the 2018 Mazda CX9

I received the vehicle from Mazda from Drive Shop. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s hard to believe how much time has flown by. It seemed like yesterday when we were going shopping for our son before he turned 1-year-old. Over the years, we have let our kids spend the night with their papa and great-grandmother while we shop. Last year, we took our oldest two kids while my youngest stayed with her cousins at her papa’s house. This year, my two oldest kids had to work all Black Friday weekend so that meant my little one tagged along. One ... [read more]