Follow These Steps When Facing Up to Debt

Facing up to debt can be incredibly difficult. In fact, it is often the most challenging part of the entire process. It can be hard to admit the situation you have gotten yourself into, and most people prefer to bury their head in the sand. However, once you face up to the debt you have gotten yourself into, and put a plan into action, you will feel much better.   The first thing you need to do is get a full understanding of the situation you are in. This is the painful part. Don’t simply make a rough estimate: you need accurate ... [read more]

Lox Released Money Power & Respect 20 Years Ago

At one time or another, I picked one of the members of the Lox over the other. There were times that nobody could tell me nothing bad about Sheek Louch. After a while, Styles P was the hardest rapper out and he brought them lyrics also. Then came a time where I was fiending for some new music from Jadakiss, whether it was a mixtape or a verse it didn’t matter. Let’s just say that all three guys bring something different to the table. 20 years ago, today, they released their debut album, Money, Power & Respect on Bad Boy Records. What’s ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

  After a classic National Championship game on Monday, we turn our attention to the pros. Last week during the Wild Card round, my record was 2-2. With Travis Kelce getting injured, the Chiefs offense looked awful as they were upset by Tennessee. It seems like Atlanta has gotten hot at the right time as they trounced the Los Angeles Rams. The two late games I was able to get thing right as things went right with the Jacksonville game. For the most part, it was an ugly game, but the Jaguars finally scored as the defense shut down the ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout New Music Alert from Bigg Z Whole Thang

BIGG Z is the name and creating dope music is his game. This guy continues to bless us with really good music.  "Whole Thang" is the name of the video and its is a hit!!! From the hook to the lyrics everything thing is put together really well. You can tell he took his time working on this record. The heavy hitter MC delivered a very special delivery for all of us. Watch the video right here right now. This is a pretty dope and smooth track from BIGG Z. Follow him on Twitter ... [read more]

DJ Quik Hand in Hand for Throwback Thursday

After listening to the Rosecrans album by DJ Quik and Problem, it’s confirmed that Quik is one of the greats. DJ Quik has been putting out hits for the last three decades. Many people have argued with me, but I think he’s the dopest producer I’ve ever heard in hip hop. Whether it’s his funky grooves or he can get into some gangsta shit if he wants to also. The album I’ve been listening to lately from DJ Quik is his Rhythm-al-ism joint as it’s just so soulful. The album dropped in late 1998 and it went gold off the back off the featured track, ... [read more]

Shopping at Walmart Before the Big Game

  After a crazy and amazing season, it’s hard to believe that we’re this close to the Big Game. My work week starts on Sunday nights, but I’ve never worked a night when the Big Game is played. Before having kids, my time was spent with friends at sports bar to watch the Big Game. Since I’m a father and husband, my time is being spent at home with family and friends sometimes for the Big Game. Preparation for the Big Game is typically an all-day event, which starts out with cleaning the house. If the weather was warmer, I’d love to ... [read more]

6 Popular Muscle Building Supplements in 2018

You can devote hours of time to doing lifts, squats, curls and any other type of workout. However, if you aren’t getting the proper nutrients, you will never be able to achieve the bulk that you are hoping to with all of your hard work. In order for muscles to get bigger, they have to repair themselves. In order to do that, they need a big supply of macronutrients and amino acids. Specific molecules can also help your muscles avoid becoming fatigues and help you push yourself through those last few reps. There are several supplements on ... [read more]

Georgia Falls to Alabama In National Title Game

The line to get into the Georgia locker room as the confetti stopped falling inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium was almost as bad as the lines to get through the general admission gates an hour before kickoff, without the understandable excuse of the Secret Service clearing the way for the president. It got worse when Bulldogs senior tight end Jeb Blazevich attracted the attention of the first cameras into the locker room, choking off half of the entryway as he began to answer questions about what it was like to fall on the losing end of one of the ... [read more]

7 Virtually Stress Free Ways To Pay Off Your Debts

Paying off your debts can make you feel like you’ve got a weight on your shoulders that nothing can shift. Having this number hanging over your head can be seriously demotivating, but fear not. There are a few virtually stress-free techniques you can adopt to pay off your debts faster and more efficiently. Look at some of the tips here and see how they can help you! Figure Out a Way to Pay That Works Best for You There are a few ways you can pay your debts off, depending on what makes you feel the most motivated and determined to get rid ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout 2018 National Championship Game Prediction

  After an exciting season in college football, we have finally arrived at the championship game. Many felt Oklahoma and Clemson would be meeting in this game. If you viewed my last predictions, then you know that I’m guilty of picking those two to advance also. In sports, we’ve all heard that a good defense will beat a great offense and it’s true. In the first game, Georgia used a stout and aggressive defense to suffocate the Oklahoma offense in the second half. Alabama came out from the start to smother the high-powered offense of the ... [read more]