Making Your Kid’s Clothes More Affordable

Having and raising kids is an adventure that’s like no other, and breathes more happiness and self-reflection into our lives than any other experience can. However, there’s one big downside to being a dad: providing the best life possible for your kids can get very expensive very fast! Like most parents, you’ve probably discovered that one of the biggest expenses you have to cover is buying clothes for your children. If this is becoming too much of a strain on your household budget, fortunately there are various ways around it. Follow these ... [read more]

What To Do When Planning Baby’s First Vacation?

Family vacations are always so much fun. Whether it’s quality time spent with your loved ones, fun at the beach, ice cream and seeing the sights. But there’s another side to the trip that’s more than a little stressful! Making sure you have everything you need, making sure kids don’t get too bored or fed up while traveling and adjusting to your new home for a week or two can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few things you can do to make life easier for yourself. Choose The Right Destination If it’s your first holiday abroad with ... [read more]

Your New Hangout! Man Cave or Comfy Cave?

It’s no secret that every guy needs just a little bit of space to hang out in. Even, if it’s just a corner of the room that we can take over. A bit where we can show off what we love, do what we adore or just go and get some chill time. Some of us make do without it, but the majority of us can’t. Then there are those who have the pleasure of owning their own man cave - but what are the recommended things to go in there? Television Let’s get one thing straight here - a television is not just for gaming. Nowadays, they can be used for ... [read more]

New Baby On the Way? Let’s Get Ready For Your New Arrival

Starting a family is the most exciting, and terrifying thing that you will do in your life. There are a million and one things to sort out before our new child arrives. No matter how hard you try, you’re probably never going to be ready in time. Everything will fall into place once you get started, but there are some things that you will need to sort beforehand otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed. If you and your wife are expecting a baby, make sure that you get these things straightened out long before the due date. The House If it’s ... [read more]

5 Tips to Start and Maintain a Powerful Daddy Blog

When it comes to blogging, moms beat dad’s hands-down. In fact, it is not even worth comparing the two because mothers’ blogs are a force to reckon with. The idea that a dad can sit and create content about parenting might sound frivolous but you will be surprised by the number of dads reading about parenting. Of course, dads sneak into mothers’ blogs to try and get hints because after all, most men don’t know a thing about parenting. Well, if you have been thinking about starting a daddy blog, you should get ready to do some heavy lifting. ... [read more]

Designing and Equipping the Man Cave You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone likes a bit of private space, be it their bedroom, a study or even a well-equipped man cave. However, the latter seems to be something that’s only in the dreams of men and not something that seems practical. However, there are plenty of reasons to get a man cave and it’s a lot more practical than you might first think. A personal space to indulge If you’re tired of the kids kicking you off the television for their morning shows or if your partner is adamant that the things you watch are far too violent for the children, then ... [read more]

Character Building Activities Any Dad Should Bring Their Child On

Being a father is one of the most important roles you can fulfill in your life. Teaching your children, the values of challenging work, honesty, respect and integrity go a long way to helping them live a happy, satisfied life. No matter what direction in life they take, no matter what career they choose, if they keep those qualities close to them, and wear them like armor, they’ll be good people. It’s your job to give them the lessons that will help them learn this. You needn’t stick to lectures about the value of these though, in fact, a more ... [read more]

Taking Care of your Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber has been used in the automotive industry for some time now, and for good reason. It’s durable, stronger than steel, and lightweight - perfect for car parts that require all these elements in one material. Most notably used in luxury vehicles, carbon fiber adds a touch of finesse with its sleek appearance. While it might sound intimidating to maintain, thankfully, caring for carbon fiber parts is not as delicate or complicated as the exotic cars that they’re used in. Most carbon fiber parts and accessories have clear coat ... [read more]

Roofing: Are You Covered?

Having a roof over your head may be something you take for granted – but have you considered whether you’re prepared to fix that roof should something go wrong? Roofing problems are all-too-common. To maintain consistent quality, they need to be checked twice a year in the spring and fall, and it’s typical to expect that a roof will need to be replaced once every 20-50 years depending on the kind of damage it has undergone. So, what are the most common roofing problems that home owners run into? And how can they ensure they’re protected from ... [read more]

3 Ways To Be Saving Money That You Won’t Have Thought Of

When you’re running a busy household, it can seem like you need to have a never-ending pit of money for you and the kids to take from. But of course, and sadly, that is not the case. One thing that every household needs to be doing is to be thinking about some more savvy ways to save money. Even investing your money into different things can mean that you are saving, and even having to pay less tax. So why pay more than you need to? Here are a few ideas that you might not have thought about before, and you can be saving more money for your ... [read more]