50 Cent Get Rich or Die Trying Released 15 Years Ago

    It’s hard to believe that Get Rich or Die Trying dropped 15 years ago today. The promotion for the album was bananas as they even had a big special on MTV called All Eyez on 50. His first single, In Da Club took off and was played damn near everywhere. The album sold almost 900,000 copies in the first week of its release. As of now, Get Rich or Die Trying have sold well over 12 million records. In Da Club, Many Men, 21 Questions and P.I.M.P were singles that done really well. With the success of the album, 50 Cent was ... [read more]

The Fumble Happened 30 Years Ago in Cleveland

This is one of three nominations for the most memorable play in team history. The previous two featured were Lou Groza’s kick to win the NFL title in the Browns' first season in the league, and Gary Collins’ post pattern reception in the 1964 NFL Championship Game, the last title in Cleveland history. Please vote for your choice as the Browns’ most memorable play. Score: Denver 38, Cleveland 33 Date: Jan. 17, 1988 Site: Mile High Stadium Red Right 88 was mind-numbing, and not just because of the cold. The Drive was a punch into a ... [read more]

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