Medical Marijuana in the Pandemic- Why Are the Sales Soaring

The coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the most challenging health crisis of the century. It has been around for months, and a tangible resolution is nowhere in sight. When it comes to getting through the crisis, it makes sense to stay strong until there is good news. The soaring sales of medical marijuana show that the herb is helping people deal with the situation. But you would want to know whether it has treatment potential for COVID-19. The answer is a simple no, but there are a lot of other ways it can help you through the crisis. Let us ... [read more]

A Journey to Finding the Perfect Bong

There is no limit to the kind of smoking accessories available for all your smoking needs nowadays. Finding the one which is perfect for all your needs can be a struggle, a long & tiring journey. With the help of some guidance & research, you can find the bongs which fit all your smoking needs. There are a lot of aspects to look around for when searching for your unique bong. It would be best if you always choose a bong which uses high & premium quality elements, to ensure all your bong & vapor needs to follow through. The ... [read more]

The Difference between Vaping E-Cigarettes and Smoking Conventional Cigarettes

These days when people are being aware of the hazardous effects of tobacco smoking, the numbers of tobacco smokers are declining. Another reason behind the declining popularity of tobacco smoking could be the rising price of tobacco. On the other hand, substitutes such as electronic cigarette have developed. The use of an electronic vaporizer is regulated in the same way as traditional cigarettes. Vaping is prohibited in individual offices, on closed public transport, and within schools and other facilities for the reception, training, and ... [read more]

5 Most Popular eLiquid Flavor Trends of 2019

Vaping is hugely popular and if you are enjoying the experience you may well want to broaden your horizons and try some new flavors to enjoy. There are quite a few must-try beverage e liquid flavors to tempt your taste buds and a good way of working out which ones to try would be to see which flavors are currently trending. Here is a look at some trending eLiquids that should be on your radar if you are seeking out a new taste experience. A UK brand that is proving popular There is a cheeky upstart that decided to produce their own ... [read more]

3 Places to Visit Online for My Marijuana Lovers

Unfortunately, Georgia is still dragging their feet when it comes to legalizing marijuana. As an adult, this is something that haven’t crossed my mind because of my kids. When I was much younger, that was a different story. With my kids becoming young adults, we’ve had those conversations about marijuana several times. During those conversations I’ve revealed that it’s something that I’ve smoked so many times when I was young. We also taught them the pros and cons of smoking marijuana and when they get older, that’s their choice if they ... [read more]

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