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4 Ways Dads Can Get Their Kids Interested In Fitness

If fitness is a goal you'd like to have for your whole family, then getting your kids active is probably on the top of your list of things to do. Good news- kids are naturally energetic and want to be active! Getting your kids to understand the importance of fitness, however, goes beyond just playing with them and having them enrolled in sports. You can teach your kids about fitness in some simple ways in order to instill a love of exercise early on. Be an example Plain and simple- if your kids see you working out, they will understand ... [read more]

How to Involve the Whole Family in Fitness

Everyone is busy getting fit, while your family is eating Little Debbie’s and munching on Doritos. Maybe this is your year to make sure your family stops eating junk food and decides to get excited about fitness. If the family is on board, then check out these tips to involve the whole family in fitness. Get to Steppin’ What am I talking about? Walking, silly. Walking is single-handedly the easiest way to get your whole family involved in fitness. It doesn’t require a lot from your family, it doesn’t take coordination, and you will still ... [read more]

How to Wear Shapewear Correctly

Shapewear is extremely useful and can be highly effective in helping you achieve a curvy and slimmer body. You can always rely on FeelinGirl shapewear to help shape up your body and instantly give you a sexier and hourglass figure in no time. Incorrectly wearing shapewear can make them entirely unhelpful hence here some of the tips that you can try to unravel and shape up your body successfully: 1. You Must Know Your Target Areas   FEELINGIRL FULL BODY SHAPER HOOKS EYES SLIMMING BODYSUIT To effectively shape up your body, you must ... [read more]

3 Helpful Ways on How to Choose the Right Weights For You

If you are looking to get into weight lifting, perhaps to build strength and tone, or to bulk up muscle, you might be unsure of where exactly to start. It can be quite overwhelming to look at the different weights available whilst trying to figure out what is right for you and your needs, so here is a quick guide.   Type of weights The first thing you will want to consider is the different types of weights. If you head over to you can see a wide range of lifting bars and weights to go with them, that you can use at ... [read more]

What To Look for When Buying Sport Shoes

Buying anything for yourself can be complicated if you don’t know what suits you best. We buy products so that we can fulfill our needs, but we know simply buying anything won’t do. You always want the best for yourself , which can be complicated with the number of options we have today. In order to buy the best for you, you must know what your needs and desires are. For example, if you want to buy shoes, and they are meant for a specific purpose. Simply buying a pair won’t do. If you want shoes for exercise and fitness then there are many ... [read more]

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