• Billy Vietlanta
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    Billy Vietlanta Releases Viva Soul for Music Monday

    It’s been a while since I got the chance to feature something for Music Monday. It’s been a little over two months to be exact, but with the help of the homie, Rod McCoy here’s something new. My homie is the CEO of Audible Hustle and has a ear for good music and talent. He introduces Billy Vietlanta and below is a little more about his Viva Soul project.   “Viva Soul” from Billy Vietlanta instantly captures listeners as spews rhymes over jazzy, mid-tempo production. Making declaration of his obvious commitment to the journey of hip-hop emergence, the purple tape is packed with subtle lyricism and wavy production similar to…

  • I Am Sasha Renee
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    Music Monday: Sasha Renee I Am Sasha Renee

    Do you remember Sasha Renee? About 3 years ago, I talked about how I loved her style, concepts and lyrics. She reminded me of a mixture of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and a little of India Arie. Those sentiments remain true especially when she dropped an unreleased track called Modern Day Emmitt Tills, which was dope. With female MCs being talked about lately because the Remy Ma/Nikki Minaj beef that’s going on, there’s so many ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Sasha Renee is one of them and that’s the reason she’s my Music Monday pick and my first one since the middle of October. Her new track is…

  • Major Key
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    Nas Album Done Off Major Key Album for Music Monday

    I know I’m really, really late on this one, but I just started my Music Monday again. This week I went to the Major Key album by DJ Khaled and got the joint by Nasir Jones. Just to let you all know again, Nas is my favorite rapper alive. Since Nas released his last album, Life is Good, he’s been on his business stuff and haven’t released any brand-new music. Finally, Nas hooked up with DJ Khaled for this new track called Nas Album Done. I remember hearing the snippet before it was released and was ready for this to drop immediately. When I first heard the entire track, I…

  • Bryzone
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    Check Out the Bryzone_YBP Beat Tape for Music Monday

    Bryzone_YBP of Melbourne, Australia delivers an extensively good groove with his mix of records on “Caipiroska”, his latest beat-tape. Over the previous six months, between showcasing content at BeatLAB Melbourne events and winning the recent Today’s Future Sound Beat Battle, the versatile craftsman has managed to bless us with a variety pack of vibes on his newest package. We may hear a few of these beats accompanied by lyrics from both American and Australian artists in the near future. Purchase the 26-track beat tape for a nominal fee directly from his Bandcamp page or stream it until your heart is content. From Travis: Thanks Rod McCoy for the feature and…

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    Music Monday 8/17/2015

    While listening to a mixtape from the homie, DJ Skroog Mkduk I came across a new track by Boosie Bad Azz that was pretty tight. The track is called Letter to Pac, which is like him writing a letter to 2Pac. Often times, people compare the two and pretty much everyone knows that 2Pac is my favorite artist ever. I feel bad that I never really listened to Boosie before he was locked up, but I started listening to him alot when people were making a bug deal about him getting out of jail. Later on, he dropped a really good mixtape Life After Deathrow, which I liked alot. Listen…

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    Music Monday 8/3/2015

    This week we’re starting the week off right with a new joint from LyfeOfADon, who represents the Thurobredz Clique and they represent for Philadelphia. They have been featured a couple of times on here, so it was great when they dropped off the new track called Tranna Get It. This is a trap style track is produced by Ric&Thad and is the latest releases off of LyfeOfAdon upcoming “BU” project and I know you’ll enjoy it, as I did, so I wanted it for my Music Monday. Check it out below, then head to the comments section below and let me know what you think about the new track.