Stunt 101 G Unit for Throwback Thursday

Jay-Z wasn’t the only one celebrating an anniversary yesterday as he released the Black Album 15 years ago. G Unit released their major label debut, Beg for Mercy. 50 Cent set the stage for this release after he dropped Get Rich or Die Trying earlier in the year. During this time, Tony Yayo was locked up and this G Unit album set Lloyd Banks for his debut project, Hunger for More. Stunt 101 was the first single of the album and my Throwback Thursday track. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck dropped the track about six weeks before the album ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/9/2012

My Music Monday is 2 guys who put out great music together but no longer like each other, well let's face it they've been beefing for years, even though you never hear about it. It's from The Game's Documentary album and it's called Hate It or Love It.Would definitely love for them to put everything aside and do music together again. ... [read more]

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