Try Out the Best Wings Ever from the Air Fryer

  One of the things I love to do when I have time is cook. A few months ago, my love for BBQ country style pork ribs in the air fryer was highlighted. I’ve also talked about baked potatoes in the air fryer also. This past week, wings were on the menu. My family and I are huge fans of wings and we also baked them in the air fryer also. Our favorite is the Buffalo flavored wings and the lemon pepper. We prefer to eat the ones from our air fryer over any restaurant any day of the week. Below is how I prepare mine and show what goes ... [read more]

Making Baked Potatoes in the Air Fryer

Once again, the Air Fryer was calling my name and this time we tried baked potatoes. A few weeks ago, the BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs was on the menu. Those came out amazing and the family really enjoyed them. We are big fans of baked potatoes and wanted to try cook them in the air fryer. About five years ago, baked potatoes were featured on the site with those being cooked in the oven. When you put the potatoes in the air fryer, don’t put them on top of one another. Beforehand, I’m using Canola Oil to rub on the potatoes after rinsing ... [read more]

Try the Air Fryer BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs

Recently, we purchased an Air Fryer after hearing so many people talk about it. We’ve cooked a few things in it and I’ll be honest, everything came out great. My family absolutely loves country style pork ribs and I figured, why not cooking them in the Air Fryer. As always, we head to the Walmart about five minutes from the house to grab some. After checking out a few recipes on Pinterest I figured I’ll remix what they were doing. Finally, we tried everything our way and they came out delicious. There are so many recipes online to make the pork ... [read more]

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