Bone Thugs N Harmony Released E. 1999 Eternal 25 Years Ago Today

Bone Thugs N Harmony is one of the greatest hip hop great of all-time. Bone Thugs N Harmony released E. 1999 Eternal album 25 years ago today. E. 1999 Eternal was the follow-up to their major label debut EP, Creepin’ On Ah Come Up. Being a huge hip hop heads, this is one album I remember purchasing when it was released. The first single, 1st of Da Month was released a little over a month before the album dropped. 1st of Da Month went on to go gold and nominated for a Grammy. The single became one of the greatest hits from Bone Thugs N Harmony. ... [read more]

Bone Thugs N Harmony Shoot Em Up for Throwback Thursday

After listening to the lengthy Very Best of Rick Ross for damn near a week, it was back to my CDs. One of the albums that I listened to be The Great White Hype Soundtrack. The soundtrack featured a couple of gems and one of them is my featured Throwback Thursday track. Bone Thugs N Harmony had one of my all-time favorite tracks from them on there. Shoot Em Up is the track and later on it appeared on their Greatest Hits album. Either way, Shoot Em Up is the Bone Thugs spins that made me a fan of theirs in the first place. Check out the track ... [read more]

Bone Dropped Debut Album 22 Years Ago Today

One of the most successful, unique and best groups of all-time; Bone Thugs-n-Harmony dropped their debut album, Creepin On Ah Come Up twenty-two years ago today. I’ll be honest; I didn’t jump on the bandwagon right off the bat because I hadn’t heard of them. One day, one of my friends asked if I wanted to ride somewhere with him and when I got into the car, he knew I was a music head and asked if I heard about them. Right away, I blown away by how smooth they sounded and then to top it off; they had a track with Eazy-E, Foe Da Love of $ which ... [read more]

Crossroads from Bone Thugs N Harmony

My Throwback Thursday is from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and it's Crossroads. Since tomorrow will be 10 years since my grandmother passed this is dedicated to her. Miss her so much and love the hell out of her. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! Rest in Peace to Geneva Rucker. God Bless Your Soul!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember this classic? What do you think about this track? Is this one of the best hip hop tracks ever? Leave a comment below. ... [read more]

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