Simple Tips For Getting Your Kids Into Fishing

For countless dads around the world, a lazy afternoon spent fishing is more than just a pastime, it’s a fervent passion. Naturally, if you’re an avid angler, you’ll want to share this passion with your kids. While this may sound pretty straightforward now, knowing how to do something you do not necessarily make you a good teacher. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some simple tips for giving your kids the best possible start to fishing. Keep it Light Don’t be surprised if your kids aren’t showing an immediate interest in ... [read more]

Even Good Dads Set Bad Examples…

Pretty much every dad on earth wants to set a good example for their kids. I’m sure you can think of at least one mistake you made in your youth which you want your kids to avoid at all costs. However, with the frantic pace of modern life, setting a great example for your kids is often easier said than done. Here, I’ll go over some of the most common scenarios where good dads set bad examples. Try to be a little more aware of these, and you’ll be a much better parent in the long run. First of all, being too blasé about our vices. Seen as ... [read more]

Daddy Day Care: Being A Self Employed First Time Father

When my son was born, two things went through my head. The first was “oh my god, he’s so beautiful”. The second was, “oh my god, how am I going to pay for this?!” I was self-employed, which is a posh term for working from home and not getting enough money to scrape by. There is guilt in working for you, the guilt being that when you’re not working you feel like you should! If there are any fathers out there reading this who feels the same, please let me know! My son is 11 weeks old, and so I am now in the thick of it. Wet nappies, dirty ... [read more]

Dad Talk: Encouraging Your Teen To Follow Their Passion For Performance

We all want to see our children grow up to be happy. For millions of children, becoming a famous movie star is the dream of a perfect future. As a loving parent, you try everything in your power to help them follow those ambitions. OK, they may not become the next big Hollywood star. Nevertheless, the world of performing can teach valuable life lessons and is a very productive hobby. Besides, they don’t need to become famous to turn their passion for the arts into a career. Here’s what you can do to help them along the journey. Keep Them ... [read more]

Teaching My Son How to Maintain A Car

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #1stImpressionsCount #CollectiveBias   It seemed like yesterday; I was changing my son’s diaper, him falling asleep laying on me or sitting in my lap watching sports together. This year, he’s turned 16 years old, got his license, got a job, and now he will be driving to school. As promised, I told him I would pass my car down to him and get another one for myself if he continues to do well in school, get a job and just be ... [read more]

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