How Improved Eye Sight is Equivalent to a Healthier Lifestyle

Not everyone is blessed to have perfect eyesight. But that's not a hindrance anymore. How? It's because, like any other industry, technology advancements are evolving in the healthcare industry as well. To those who are still scratching their heads about how that's related to improved eyesight, you might have heard about Lasik surgery. It is the best reliable problem-solver that will help improve vision and an improved lifestyle. In this blog, we will discuss details related to Lasik surgery and how it can help live an enriched lifestyle. ... [read more]

2 Things to Know Before Buying Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are often thought of as the lesser sibling of everyday eyeglasses. However, just because they are used for only a portion of the day - as opposed to being necessary for clear vision throughout the wearer’s waking hours - doesn’t mean that they are any less important (see EyeBuyDirect for a wide range). The fact is that eyeglasses are eyeglasses, and that means they must be suitable for the job in hand, whether in use for one minute, one hour, or one entire day, they must allow the wearer to see with clarity. Many people fail ... [read more]

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