• Prepping a Family Camping Trip
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    4 Great Ways in Prepping a Family Camping Trip

    Family always comes first. Your spouse, children, even your mom and dad — these are the ones who matter most. Make every effort to keep them close, in your heart if not in proximity. What’s a fantastic way to get the family together? You can take them to the movies, treat them to a nice restaurant, or hold a family barbeque every weekend. Another great idea is to take them on a camping trip. Time together away from all the hubbub of the city can bring each of you closer together. Even if none of you have any survival experience, you can still enjoy a good camping trip. So, if…

  • Family Camping Trip
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    Keeping Kids Safe on Your Family Camping Trip

    Camping has always been seen as something that families have to experience. At least, that’s how it used to be. Although people exaggerate how much technology has kept us indoors, it’s true that kids these days seem to be less inclined to go camping. Or is it the kids? Maybe it’s actually the parents who have changed. If video games and Netflix aren’t to blame for the loss of interest in camping, what is? It could very well be the news. Think about it: the world isn’t much more dangerous that it was half a century ago. And yet the news seems to want us to think that our children…