4 Reasons to Get Your Wife Flowers Throughout the Year

Whether you’re married or just in a relationship, we always love to surprise the ladies with flowers. As a father, this is something I’ve always wanted my daughters to see. They know that they’ll need to find a man that shows them appreciation from time to time. Either way, women loves flowers because it shows you care and they look good. Over the years, there have been countless times I’ve give my wife flowers. You can find them anywhere from your local florist to some Fresh cut flowers delivered in NYC. Below are 4 reasons to get your wife ... [read more]

Peep The Amazing Sports Themed Flowers

One thing my wife loves and that’s flowers. Whether I’m sending them to her at work or surprising her at home, it doesn’t matter. During this time of the year, we’re also battling over football teams. My family are Atlanta Falcons fans and I’m a long-time die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan. Recently, we discovered the best of both worlds for my wife. Sporticulture is the perfect place where flowers meet sports. Whether you have a favorite NFL or college team, Sporticulture got you covered. The plants are very easy to take care of and you’ll love ... [read more]

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