We SONIC by Getting Quick Bite, Food and Create Memories

This post was sponsored as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. One of the best and worse things about parenting is your kids getting older. My oldest two are grown now and my youngest just turned 15 yesterday. Growing up, we used to go to SONIC for a quick bite to eat and one of the many SONIC Slushes. Afterwards, we would either go to the park or find a nearby basketball court to play on. Unfortunately, SONIC was all the way across town, and we didn’t go as much as we ... [read more]

Try the Air Fryer BBQ Country Style Pork Ribs

Recently, we purchased an Air Fryer after hearing so many people talk about it. We’ve cooked a few things in it and I’ll be honest, everything came out great. My family absolutely loves country style pork ribs and I figured, why not cooking them in the Air Fryer. As always, we head to the Walmart about five minutes from the house to grab some. After checking out a few recipes on Pinterest I figured I’ll remix what they were doing. Finally, we tried everything our way and they came out delicious. There are so many recipes online to make the pork ... [read more]

Kids Eat Free at Pollo Tropical Tax Free Weekend

It's hard to believe that the summer break is almost over for the kids and they will be returning to school. If you're a resident of the great state of Georgia, then you know that this weekend is Tax Free Weekend and this is the best time to finish the rest of your school shopping without paying taxes on the items. One thing I know about shopping is that, it makes you really hungry and do it pretty fast. If you're familiar with Pollo Tropical, which I can say that I'm very familiar with them seeing I've eaten there a few times, they're here to ... [read more]

Love Eating Krystal’s While Watching Football with the Family

This past Saturday night the family and I were treated to some great Krystal’s and with the Georgia/Florida game being this past weekend, we just made it a Krystal’s night. My love for Krystal’s goes way back before I even became a parent and when I was in school. My friends and I would always end up at Krystal’s either after a late night house party or coming from the club. We used to get a sack full of Krystal’s and split them amongst each other, okay let me be honest, it was a fight because we didn’t know anything about splitting anything ... [read more]

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