Music Monday 7/23/2012

My Music Monday is from Gab, who I recently interviewed here. It's called Pop A Band. But his page has many other hits like, one of my favorites Old School Chevy.       Old School Chevy by Gab       ... [read more]

Interview and Write-Up with Gab

  Recently, I had a chance to talk with an up-and-coming rapper from Philadelphia by the name of Gab, who is signed with NewPenn Music Group. He is currently working on an EP with Grammy Award winning producer Alex Chiger also known as Don Cheegro. He is an extremely versatile artist who brings energy and life experience to each track. He answered a few questions for me and also hit us with a new track, Pop A Band, produced by VybeBeats.   1. Just tell a little about yourself? I've been doing music since I can I remember. ... [read more]