Why and How the Firearms Sales Got Spikes During Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things for the foreseeable future as we know it. We have grown conscious in cleanliness and wearing masks have become a fashion statement. We practice social distancing like our life depended on it. The pandemic done something I never thought I’d see and that’s shut down sports in America. The NHL and NBA restarted with the bubble concept, while baseball chose not to go that route. Unfortunately, they have had several games cancelled due to positive tests. The bubble has proven to be a success for basketball ... [read more]

Gun Responsibility Is In The Hands Of All Owners, No Exceptions

There are plenty of reasons to own a gun. Primarily, safety is on the minds of most people who get one. Hunting’s a common hobby. But there is also the simple fact that using a gun can also be recreational and safe for all. Regardless of why you have a gun, you’re taking a huge responsibility by having one. So we’re going to look at how you ensure you’re being as responsible as you can with it. Make sure your paperwork checks out Despite what certain biased media outlets might say, it’s not that easy for anyone to get a gun license. ... [read more]

What to Look for When You Buy a Used Gun

Used guns can be an affordable way for you to purchase the gun of your dreams. Whether you are a collector or a sport's enthusiast, the right gun does not have to be brand new. As long as you find a reliable firearm, you can feel confident purchasing it. There are many websites out there that offer new and used guns for sale like http://grabagun.com/firearms/used.html. Make Sure You Buy a Common Caliber if You Think You Will Ever Resell It If you think that you may ever resell your gun in the future, be sure to buy a common caliber. This ... [read more]

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