Happy Birthday Jada/No Love for the Princess and the Frog

I want to say Happy Birthday to my baby Jada who turned 5 this past week. Well we went out and I promised her for her birthday that the 2 of us would go and get her a new outfit. Okay guys who have daughters know that it's hard to tell your baby no which is something I couldn't do so an outfit turned into I know I've been told that I got played by my now 5 year old daughter which to add to it she had her own money which she didn't spend a dime of it. But it's all good but her birthday was on Monday but we celebrated it this past Saturday cause ... [read more]

Happy 5th Birthday Jada, My Princess

Wow so today is March 1st my little princess turns 5, time flies by so fast, hard to believe her year in pre-k is almost over. I'm not gonna lie I got emotional when she started, yeah I can admit I cried because she's always stayed home with me, alot of times after I got off work it was me and her. When everyone was off to work or to school it was us and I remember alot of times I would take her to the mall or maybe to Walmart to not only spend time with her but it would get her sleepy also. I must admit I had alot of mornings where I didn't ... [read more]