Pain is Love from Ja Rule Released 15 Years Ago Today

What can I say about Ja Rule that hasn’t been said? Honestly, I mean that in a positive matter because in the early-2000s if you listened to the radio most likely you heard a Ja Rule song. As a matter of fact, you probably heard something from his Murder Inc. crew whether it’s from him, Ashanti or a remix he was on. The first album he released, Venni Vetti Vecci was hard, and then his second album Rule 3:36 we heard the transition to the sound we come to like from Ja Rule. Now we finally heard his 3rd album, Pain is Love which is the album I’m ... [read more]

Music Monday 3/19/2012

My Music Monday is by Ja Rule from his debut album Venni Vetti Vicci. Since my oldest daughter birthday is tomorrow I'm choosing Daddy's Little Baby which is about his daughter, which is an inspirational song. I've always been a Ja Rule fan even when 50 Cent was telling people otherwise, but that's a different story. ... [read more]

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