• Monday Night Raw Oklahoma City
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    Monday Night Raw from Oklahoma City

    Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in Oklahoma City. Last week was another pretty edition of Monday Night Raw and with the Money in the Bank PPV less than two weeks away, let’s see what took place on Monday Night Raw. With so much going on in the world with the unfortunate passing of the GREATEST, Muhammad Ali and late Monday night, famous fighter Kimbo Slice passed away. Hit Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw from Oklahoma City started with all the guys involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match on top of the ladders except Ambrose who was making his way to…

  • Monday Night Raw Green Bay
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    Monday Night Raw from Green Bay for 5/30/2016

    Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in Green Bay this week. With the big news of the week being that Smackdown will go live starting July 19th and there will be another brand extension, which was rumored for months. Last week, Monday Night Raw was really good and with the return of John Cena, hopefully things will continue in the right direction as we approach the Money in the Bank PPV. Let’s Get Started!!! Hit Memorial Day Tribute: As always, the WWE always do a great job with the tributes on the major holidays. We had the 10-bell salute, which was followed by a…

  • John Cena
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    John Cena Returns Tonight: What Happens?

    The Champ finally returns to Monday Night Raw tonight on the Memorial Day edition. If you haven’t been paying attention for the past few weeks, John Cena tweeted that he’s returning to the WWE. He has been out of action after shoulder surgery where many thought he would be out of action for about 9 months, but in typical John Cena style, he’s coming back before what we initially thought. John Cena made a surprising appearance this past WrestleMania when he helped The Rock fight off the Wyatt Family, but hasn’t been seen on WWE TV ever since. While John Cena was out with injury, he kept himself pretty busy…

  • WrestleMania 32
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    Daddy’s Hangout WrestleMania 32 PPV Review

    Finally!!!! The granddaddy of them all aka the Super Bowl of wrestling and that’s WrestleMania. This year it’s being held from AT&T Stadium in Dallas, where they are expected to break the attendance record for WrestleMania that was previously held in the Pontiac Silverdome for WrestleMania 3. With so many rumors swirling coming into the event, I was just hoping for some great wrestling, a few surprises and maybe some appearances from legends. One thing I didn’t like throughout the week was hearing Bret Hart calling it the worst WrestleMania card ever, but I’m not surprised because he comes off as a bitter person and I’ve thought that for years…

  • Alberto Del Rio Returns to WWE
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    The Men Most Likely to Face Down Del Rio

    The return of Alberto Del Rio after nearly a year out of the action couldn’t have come at a more exciting time. Del Rio’s absence was enforced upon him after he was fired for a backstage incident with a WWE employee, but he made a sensational return to the ring in October’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and he wasted little time in claiming the US title. Del Rio disposed of John Cena in clinical fashion, dodging an attempted Attitude Adjustment by The Champ before knocking him out cleanly with a whirlwind kick as he completely stole the show. The return of Del Rio has got everybody talking ahead of…

  • Shield vs. Wyatts
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    Monday Night Raw Review 10/19/2015

    Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from Dallas, TX, which of course is the town where WrestleMania takes place next year. I’ll admit, Monday Night Raw last week really wasn’t that good and hopefully that trend doesn’t continue with the Hell in a Cell PPV. Let’s see how things will turn out on this edition of Monday Night Raw!!! Good Opening Segment: What a great surprise hearing the glass shatter to open up Monday Night Raw and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes his way down the ring. He talked about loving Dallas, him getting his start in that town, him & the Rock and he…