12 Amazing Reasons Why Dogs Are Good to Help Raise Children

Dogs are known to be good companions to both adults and children. They are also one of the most loyal animals you can ever encounter. Once you embrace them into your family, they will not know any other human who they will consider ad their keeper. Children mostly benefit from having dogs at home because it teaches them many things as they grow up. Households who have small children can use their dogs to help them raise responsible and confident children. There are many benefits in having dogs as pets while raising small kids. ... [read more]

School’s Out! How to Inspire Your Kids to Learn New Things at Home

Every Dad is expected to have some kind of hidden power. Whether it’s an uncanny ability to solve problems or a handy set of tools that can fix any electronic device, you have some kind of talent that your kids will marvel at. When your children are growing up, they’ll look to you as inspiration for their own futures. If you’re a chef, then your kids will love to mimic you in the kitchen and might even grow up to be a fine cook themselves! If you’re a well-groomed businessman, then they’ll jump on toy laptops and pretend they’re in your shoes. ... [read more]

Simple Tips For Getting Your Kids Into Fishing

For countless dads around the world, a lazy afternoon spent fishing is more than just a pastime, it’s a fervent passion. Naturally, if you’re an avid angler, you’ll want to share this passion with your kids. While this may sound pretty straightforward now, knowing how to do something you do not necessarily make you a good teacher. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some simple tips for giving your kids the best possible start to fishing. Keep it Light Don’t be surprised if your kids aren’t showing an immediate interest in ... [read more]

6 Warning Signs That Your Child Athlete Has a Concussion

According to the CDC, 10-15 percent of athletes experience a concussion in any given year. This rate of injury spans all sports, genders, age groups and skill levels, so it isn't something that can be written off as "a football thing" or "a boy problem." It's a serious concern that all parents should have about their young athletes. So how can you tell if your child has a concussion? Here are just a few signs and symptoms to beware. 1. Loss of Consciousness The most obvious sign of a concussion is a loss of consciousness after ... [read more]

4 Ways Dads Can Get Their Kids Interested In Fitness

If fitness is a goal you'd like to have for your whole family, then getting your kids active is probably on the top of your list of things to do. Good news- kids are naturally energetic and want to be active! Getting your kids to understand the importance of fitness, however, goes beyond just playing with them and having them enrolled in sports. You can teach your kids about fitness in some simple ways in order to instill a love of exercise early on. Be an example Plain and simple- if your kids see you working out, they will understand ... [read more]

3 Ways Dads Can Be a Positive Influence On Their Kids’ Future Marriages

It's no secret that dads play an important role on the development of their children, but did you know that dads directly impact their kids' future marriages? Dads will help daughters determine the type of man she will marry, and their sons determine the type of husband they will be. They also help play a huge role in whether their kids will marry at all or become divorced. If you are a father and want to impress upon your children the importance of a healthy, happy marriage, check out these tips on how you can become a positive marital ... [read more]

Great Ways to Help Our Kids to Become Leaders

According to a survey conducted by 4-H, 77% of today's youth consider themselves to be true leaders. While many kids view themselves as leaders, others need additional guidance or motivation to get there. But have no fear, there are many ways to encourage kids to be leaders at home, school and even within their communities. I know as a parent, I've encouraged my kids to take on leadership roles at home by doing daily chores, helping in the kitchen and assisting with yard work. Can you think of other ways you can inspire your child to be a true ... [read more]

Crucial Issues to Deal with When Your Child’s Parents Live Far Apart

When a child's parents aren't together, they can't always be expected to live in the same area. Many things can necessitate one parent moving away. Or they might never have lived close to each other in the first place. For example, one parent might need to move closer to their family for help with daily life. One of the parents may have been on a temporary visa when the child was conceived. So both parents are unable to live in the same country. Sometimes you have to consider whether a job opportunity is worth moving. These are all tough ... [read more]

Don’t Let A Divorce Hurt Your Kids

A divorce is a tough time for everyone. You have to realize that it won’t just affect you and your partner. It will impact both sides of the family that might have grown close over the years. It will affect your friends who will be forced to decide who to side with. But perhaps most important of all, it can impact your kids. Past research has shown that a divorce can have a deep and long lasting impact on the social development of a child. But, there are ways parents can help reduce the strain kids feel during a divorce. Here are some of the ... [read more]

Kids and Martial Arts

Kids love extracurricular activities for a variety of reasons. They allow children to explore their interests, make new friends and learn about themselves. The physical activities additionally help kids to stay healthy and contribute to them developing good habits, which makes them a great addition to your kid's everyday schedule. You yourself may have been wondering about enrolling your son or daughter in a class of, for instance, martial arts, which is an especially popular choice nowadays. However, there are pros and cons to your child ... [read more]