Mattel’s New WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Playset Review

If you've ever visited my site, there is one thing you may recognize, is that I'm a huge WWE fan, well wrestling fan in general. So I was very excited about the chance to do this review. Growing up a big part of being a wrestling fan was the times when your parents bought you action figures or playsets, because you can reenact matches or create your own with your favorite superstars. You would spend countless hours just doing so and you took them everywhere you went, whether it's over a friends house, on long rides or if you're spending the ... [read more]

Mattel’s New Green Latern Toys

Well as we know that the new Green Latern movie will be released on June 17th of this year. Well Mattel has released some toys for not only the kids to play with but some of us adults who grew up liking the Green Latern character. You can head over to to view some of the toys that Mattel distributes. But when I received the Colossal Cannon along with the Hannu figure with the power ring my kids were like what is that. So after not only telling them about Green Latern and telling them how I grew up following him I ... [read more]

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