2Pac- So Many Tears

It's hard to believe that on Sunday, it will mark the 19th anniversary of the passing of 2Pac. It's crazy that I was a teenager when I became a fan of his and now I'm an adult, I'm probably a bigger fan. Once again, when it comes to 2Pac, it's hard for me to pick one song to use for my Throwback Thursday so I had to go with something from my all-time favorite album, Me Against the World. My track is So Many Tears because it brings so many memories because my best friend, who passed away over five years ago used to bump this song all the time. ... [read more]

Music Monday 9/12/2011

This is So Many Tears from 2Pac off the Me Against the World album, which is my favorite album of all time from my favorite artist of all time. I figured it's a perfect song seeing that tomorrow marks the 15 year anniversary..............wow 15 years since he died. Rest In Peace       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbs7wWLXLpw ... [read more]

Wordless Wednesday 8/17/2011

My favorite album of all time   ... [read more]

Music Monday 2/15/10

Song of the day is another track from 2Pac, it's Dear Mama a dedication to mothers who are not perfect but still had or having a positive influence on there children. This is from the Me Against the World album, which happens to be my favorite music of all time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNcloTmvTeA ... [read more]

Music Monday 2/1/2010

Here is one of 2Pac's singles So Many Tears, from the Me Against the World which happens to be my favorite album of all time which was released when he was in jail, in which it debuted @ #1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbs7wWLXLpw ... [read more]

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