Monday Night Raw Review from Detroit

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw with it taking place in Detroit and we’re less than two weeks away from the Battleground PPV. The big news coming out of the wrestling world was the triumphant return to the UFC by Brock Lesnar as he defeated Mark Hunt by unanimous decision and now he’ll face Randy Orton next month at Summerslam. Also, John Cena will be hosting the ESPYs tonight, which is a huge honor. Last week was another pretty good edition of Monday Night Raw and hopefully that trend continues this week, plus we’re getting an ... [read more]

Monday Night Raw Review for 1/4/2016 from San Antonio

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Night Raw for 2016 as they hail from San Antonio, TX. I didn’t do a post for the past couple of editions of Monday Night Raw with one of them being the Slammy’s and the other one was last week, but my DirecTV went out because of the storm. With the exciting news about the possible signing of A.J. Styles, someone from my hometown and a few other stars from NJPW, let’s see how things fared on Monday Night Raw.   Good Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw started off with the music of Stephanie ... [read more]

Monday Night Raw Review for 12/14/2015 from Philadelphia

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as they hail from ECW Country aka Philadelphia. After a pretty good TLC PPV the night before, let’s see how things play out on Monday Night Raw. If you saw the PPV the night before, we all were shocked seeing Roman Reigns beat the hell out of Triple H after he was screwed out of the championship again by the League of Nations. I apologize for not making a Monday Night Raw post last week, but I work night shift and didn’t get to watch it because it didn’t record. Let’s Get ... [read more]

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