Music Monday 6/4/2012

My Music Monday track is Joe Budden from the classic Mood Muzik 2 mixtape called If I Die Tomorrow ... [read more]

Music Monday 5/21/2012

My Music Monday is Kane & Abel featuring Master P, Gangstafied from there debut album 7 Sins. I used to love this track, was just listening to it yesterday. ... [read more]

Music Monday 5/14/2012

Seeing Mother's Day was yesterday was Mother' Day I wanted to put 2 songs dedicated to mothers, which is 2 of my favorite songs as my Music Monday, which by 2Pac, Dear Mama and Boyz II Men, Song for Mama. Happy Mother's Day once again. ... [read more]

Music Monday 5/7/2012

My Music Monday is Kendrick Lamar's track Keisha's Song, off the Section 80 album. Really nice track.   ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/30/2012

My Music Monday track is from the upcoming Life Is Good album, by Nas. It's called Daughters, very revealing and honest track. I love it and if you have a Daughter, you should check this track out because we don't know how they'll turn out. ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/23/2012

  This is a track by 2Pac from his Greatest Hits album, it's called Changes. Real deep track. ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/16/2012

My Music Monday, I'm going R&B and it's one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums of all time, Don't Be Cruel by Bobby Brown. This track is called Roni   ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/9/2012

My Music Monday is 2 guys who put out great music together but no longer like each other, well let's face it they've been beefing for years, even though you never hear about it. It's from The Game's Documentary album and it's called Hate It or Love It.Would definitely love for them to put everything aside and do music together again. ... [read more]

Music Monday 4/2/2012

My Music Monday is Atlanta's own Outkas, it's the title track form there debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. ... [read more]

Music Monday 3/26/2012

My Music Monday is my favorite artist, 2Pac. It's from the posthumous album Loyal to the Game. The track features Elton John and it's called Ghetto Gospel.             ... [read more]

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