Listen and Stream Jealous One’s Envy for Its 25 Year Anniversary

Fat Joe has been in the rap since the early-90s and one of the more underrated spitters ever. Fat Joe is the leader of the Terror Squad and known for discovering the late, great Big Pun. Ever since Fat Joe discovered Big Pun, people seemed to forget about his skills. Joe been putting out hits for well over 25 years with his signature flow. 25 years ago today, Fat Joe released his second album Jealous One’s Envy. Representin’ was his first album and Flow Joe was the big single from his debut. Fat Joe went to a smoother and more laid back sound ... [read more]

Back For the First Time by Ludacris Dropped 20 Years Ago

Ludacris is one of the most underrated rappers to ever pick up a mic. Ludacris hit the scene 20 years ago with his Back for the First Time album. It was his second album and the first one with a major label. Incognegro was his first album and it was released independently the year before. Back for the First Time went on to sell over 3 million copies and made Ludacris an instant star. What’s Your Fantasy was the first single off the album and it went on to go platinum. Ludacris showed he was just having fun while putting out some witty lyrics. ... [read more]

Mind of Mystikal Released 25 Years Ago Today

Before Mystikal was a No Limit soldier, he released an album back in 1994. In 1995, he re-released the album and named it Mind of Mystikal. Mind of Mystikal dropped 25 years ago today and I listened to this the first time riding with a friend. Unpredictable was a totally different album from the Mind of Mystikal. The big track from the album was Here I Go and that beat was insane in my homeboy’s system. During this time, we called him the Busta Rhymes of the south which was a compliment. Beware was the single that was being promoted and one he ... [read more]

Check Out 2019 Flow From Arys Déjan

We all felt it when Nipsey Hussle passed away a little over a year ago. Like Pac for my generation, there are many artists that looked up to Nipsey the same way. One of those aspiring artists is Arys Déjan and it’s evident on this new track. Arys Déjan revisits 2019 to pull this unreleased track out of the vault for your consumption. Since Nipsey Hussle's passing (One of Arys' rap idols), Arys lost a bit of his inspiration when it came to expressing himself musically. After the one year anniversary, Arys decides to come back full force and ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Best of Jay Z for Mixtape Friday

With this being the final Friday of the year and decade, we have one more Mixtape Friday. With Jay-Z having his albums on Spotify now, why not do a Jay-Z playlist? The playlist will be his best tracks from his solo albums and the Watch the Throne collabo with Kanye. Jay-Z is definitely in my top-15 rappers of all-time and one of the greatest to ever do it. Everything from Reasonable Doubt to his 4:44 album was included in this selection. There’s a total of 101 tracks and I’m sure some will think a few tracks were left off, but this is personal. ... [read more]

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