Daddy’s Hangout Smackdown Live Review from Philadelphia

Welcome to another edition of Smackdown Live with it taking place in Philadelphia as they opened with highlights from Backlash, which was a really good PPV? With less than four weeks to go to the No Mercy PPV, let’s see how things turned out on Smackdown Live. Good Opening Segment: We started off with the new WWE champion, A.J. Styles coming to the ring to cut a damn good promo about running the place now. After a couple of minutes, the music of John Cena hit and he made his way to the ring. John Cena cut a promo about taking back what’s ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout Smackdown Live Review from Lincoln

Welcome to another edition of Smackdown Live with it taking place in Lincoln, NE and five days away from the Backlash PPV. Let me apologize for not doing a review last week, but my DVR didn’t record it for some odd reason. Let’s see how things went and hopefully things pick up with Backlash being this Sunday. Good Opening Segment: We started Smackdown with Daniel Bryan in the ring leading a YES! Chant and he talked about crowning the first ever Women’s Smackdown champion this coming Sunday. He says they’re going to have a 6-women tag ... [read more]

WWE Monday Night Raw from St. Louis

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as it took place in St. Louis and the night after the Payback PPV. With the main event for the Extreme Rules PPV already announced as Reigns defends his title against A.J. Styles in an Extreme Rules match. We also get to see how things go with Shane & Stephanie running Monday Night Raw together and hopefully we’ll get an update on Enzo following his concussion scare last night. Let’s get started!!! Good Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens: This was a really good match ... [read more]

Daddy’s Hangout WWE Payback 2016 PPV Review

It’s been four weeks since WrestleMania and things have since been going full speed ahead. We’ve seen Mr. McMahon give control of Monday Night Raw to Shane, several new talents from NXT debut and the debut of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows with the tease of the Bullet Club reunion with A.J. Styles. The Payback PPV was surrounded with so much uncertainties and mystery that it made this PPV something that was highly anticipated. With that said, let’s see how things turned and afterwards you can head to the comments section to give me your ... [read more]

Monday Night Raw Review for 4/11 from Los Angeles

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw as it took place in Los Angeles. Last week, the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania was really good as expected and hopefully that trend can continue this week with Shane McMahon still running Monday Night Raw due to the response on social media. Let’s see how things turned out!! Good Opening Segment: Shane McMahon opened Monday Night Raw thanking the fans for the overwhelming support from last week. He also talked about bringing in new stars and some of the match-ups that will take place on ... [read more]

WWE Money In The Bank 2012 Review

I apologize for taking so long, but it has been the longest couple of weeks ever, so many issues these 2 weeks. But let's move on and coming into this PPV, I was pretty excited, not like last year but I was excited because the WWE title match and both ladder matches. So let's get started!   Alright, here we go and this was the MITB match I was looking forward to the most. I mean you have Ziggler, Christian, Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd, who are great risk takers. Then you had Tensai, who is the muscle of the group and I expected him ... [read more]

WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 Review

  Basically I'm going go match by match and only talk about skits or whatever that was of any importance. With that said let's get to the review and remember I'm just a father who's followed wrestling for over 25 years and not a professional writer just from a fan. We start off with Christian who's been feuding with Sheamus for the last few weeks costing each other title opportunities but as Christian walks out we see the Miz and R-Truth walking to ringside with tickets in hand but John Laurinaitis with security escorted them out of ... [read more]

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