Naughty by Nature Poverty’s Paradise Released 25 Years Ago

Naughty by Nature is one of the illest hip hop groups to ever pick up a mic. This past Thursday, their classic Feel Me Flow was my featured Throwback Thursday track. Feel Me Flow is one of the singles released off their classic, Poverty’s Paradise album. Poverty’s Paradise went on to win the Grammy for Rap Album in 1996. 25 years ago today, Naughty by Nature released Poverty’s Paradise to the world. Treach, Vinny Rock and K-Gee released a masterpiece to the world. This was their fourth album and eventually went gold, which still surprises me ... [read more]

Naughty by Nature Feel Me Flow for Throwback Thursday

Once again, we have arrived at another Thursday. We’re one day closer to Friday and that means the weekend. The only album that was played this week was the Fuck Da City Up mixtape from T.I. I’ve had the week off and haven’t really been anywhere. For my featured Throwback Thursday, we’re going back to 1995. That year we had countless classics that dropped. Only Built for Cuban Linx, Me Against the World, Soul Food and plenty others were released. Of course, this was the middle of the second golden age of hip hop. Naughty by Nature released ... [read more]

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