20 Years Ago Master P Dropped Ice Cream Man

It’s crazy how time flies by, which is the case for the Ice Cream Man album from Master P that dropped 20 years ago today. I remember it like it was yesterday, which was also my senior year in high school, yes I’m that old (LOL), but I didn’t get the album as soon as it dropped though. The place I bought most of my albums was a local record shop and the owners’ son used to make mixtapes all the time with some of the newest tracks. It was about a couple of weeks after the album dropped, he was playing his newest mixtape, Break Em’ Off Something ... [read more]

Throwback Thursday 8/23/2012

My Throwback Thursday track is from Mac, from No Limit Records back in the day. Til this day I still bump his music, actually in the CD player now. This is Can You Love Me from the World War III album.       http://youtu.be/G-j57TkbKpQ     ... [read more]

Music Monday 8/20/2012

My Music Monday track is in the memory of my best friend, who yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of him passing. Still remember it like it was yesterday. I miss my homie so much and that is the track from Master P featuring Pimp of UGK and Silkk the Shocker, I Miss My Homies from the Ghetto D album. Rest In Paradise, Telly Lee.     http://youtu.be/ggNymSJ52Fw ... [read more]

Music Monday 6/18/2012

My Music Monday is a song by Mac called Father's Day since Father's Day was yesterday from his album, World War 3, one of, if not my favorite No Limit Soldier. FREE MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!     http://youtu.be/Roikl3axjFA ... [read more]

Music Monday 8/22/2011

In light of the year anniversary of my best friends passing who was like a brother to me I'm going to go with I Miss My Homies by Master P featuring Pimp C(R.I.P) of UGK and Silkk the Shocker from the Ghetto Dope album. Rest In Peace Telly Lee.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfBxF6y77zU ... [read more]

Music Monday 8/15/2011

This track is called Where Do We Go From Here by Master P featuring Mac and Nas, from the Only God Can Judge Me album.         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XliElUEKk-Y ... [read more]

Music Monday 6/13/2011

This is a track called Waiting on God by rapper Fiend who became famous in the late 90s under the No Limit Records imprint which was founded by Master P.  The song is from the Street Life CD.         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RmVN8le3ZA ... [read more]

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