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    The Shocker From Silkk Turns 25 Today

    No Limit Records is one of my favorite record labels of all-time. Death Row Records is my number one, but No Limit is a close second. Silkk the Shocker was one of the bigger artists during their time at the top. 25 years ago today, Silkk released his debut album The Shocker. The Shocker was released at a time when No Limit was starting to make a name for themselves. Back in the spring of 1996, Master P dropped his Ice Cream Man album. The Ice Cream Man album went platinum and No Limit was no longer just a popular southern act. Four months later, Silkk came with his debut…

  • C Murder Feel My Pain for Throwback Thursday
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    C Murder Feel My Pain for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. My playlist started off with the late, great Aaliyah’s final album. The Versus joint from Usher, Snoop’s Ego Trippin’ and Jay-Z’s Dynasty album was also played. D-Block, a couple of mixtapes and Piece of Mind by Tela also made the playlist. As you can see, this was another good week of some great music. For my featured Throwback Thursday track, we’re going with one of the best albums to come from No Limit Records. C Murder’s Life or Death album is a classic album. It featured damn near everyone on the label and went platinum just like…

  • Master P
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    Ice Cream Man by Master P Released 25 Years Ago

    Master P is one of the many rappers that will never get their well-deserved props. Master P was the owner and CEO of No Limit Records. For those who are not familiar with No Limit, check out these 27 albums you should have in your collection. Master P was the ultimate hustler seeing he put out music, movies, toys and even a crack at the NBA. In total, P put out 16 albums, a few mixtapes & compilations and 3 movie soundtracks. Those soundtracks were I Got the Hook Up, I’m Bout It and Foolish. P started getting recognition after his 4th album, 99 Ways to Die. On his 5th…

  • Mia X The Party Don’t Stop with Master P and Foxy Brown
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    Mia X The Party Don’t Stop with Master P and Foxy Brown

    Welcome to another Thursday and of course that means we’re closer to the weekend. My playlist this week had a few mixtapes that were played. DJ Goldfinger, a No Limit Records and Young Buck’s Chronic 2006 were the ones. Common’s Be, Rap or Go to the League by 2 Chainz and Self Made 3 was played also. You can come up with so many Throwback Thursday joints off any of those records. For this week, we’re going with someone from No Limit Records. Recently, I put together 27 No Limit Records albums that should be in your collection. Mia X’s Unlady Like was one of the albums because it’s a…

  • If I Could Change Master P From I’m Bout It Soundtrack
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    If I Could Change Master P From I’m Bout It Soundtrack

    I’m Bout It Soundtrack was one of the best albums from No Limit Records. The soundtrack went on to sell almost 4 million copies worldwide. I’m Bout It produced several hits like How Ya Do Dat, Pushin’ Inside You and Ride 4U. One of the bigger hits from the soundtrack was a track by Master P and Steady Mobb’n. If I Could Change is the track and the featured Throwback Thursday joint. If I Could Change was a dope track and one of my favorite featuring Master P. The track set the tone for the debut album from Steady Mobb’n called Premeditated Drama. Steady Mobb’n was a solid duo for…

  • 27 No Limit Records Albums That Should Be In Your Collection
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    27 No Limit Records Albums That Should Be In Your Collection

    Tonight is the world premiere of the No Limit Chronicles on BET. No Limit Records had one of the great runs in hip hop. Master P was dropping a new album from a different artist every other week. Trust me; I was buying everything No Limit was dropping. Master P, C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, TRU, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg and Magic. Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane & Abel, 504 Boyz, Big Ed, Mr. Serv-On, Young Bleed and some movie soundtracks. No Limit Records went on to sell about 75 million records. The 5-part BET special will highlight the rise of the iconic label and Master P. No Limit Records…