My 2016 NCAA Final Four Predictions

This has been one exciting NCAA tournament so far and I believe the Final Four will continue that trend. The first weekend, which was the first and second rounds, saw some buzzer beaters, epic collapses and some great basketball. The round of 16 saw just as much action, quite a few upsets and in the end, Syracuse reached the Final Four when they pulled off the huge upset of the Virginia Cavaliers. In my original bracket I had North Carolina, Oklahoma and Villanova reaching the Final Four, with the Tar Heels beating the Sooners in the ... [read more]

College Football Predictions for Week 13

Welcome to another exciting weekend of college football and this is basically rivalry week the week before the conference championships. Some people are still complaining about the College Football Playoffs Ranking, but things will eventually play itself out or at least I hope they do. Last week was a horrible week for me as my record was 2-5, which dropped my record to 39-22. My overall winning percentage dropped from 68.5% to 63.9% and that’s a tough blow being so close to the end of the regular season. This week I’ll be predicting seven ... [read more]

College Football Predictions Week 12

Welcome to another exciting weekend of college football and as the season nears the end, we will get to see what teams can stand the pressure and advance to the college football playoffs. Last week my record was 3-2, which make my overall record 37-17 and my overall winning percentage drops from 69.4% to 68.5%. This weekend will be pretty exciting since I’m going to tackle about seven games, with a few of them have major implications going forward. Let’s Get Started!!!   This is the big match-up this weekend as the 9th ranked ... [read more]

College Football Predictions Week 11

Welcome to another exciting weekend of college football and what about the shake-ups for the first weekend in November and for the first week of college playoff rankings. Last week my record was 3-2, which I’m disappointed in because I told people all week to look out for North Carolina, but somehow I picked Duke to win the game. That’s how things go sometimes and hopefully I can rebound from that one. My overall record falls to 34-15 and in the process dropping m winning percentage from 70.5% to 69.4%, so there’s room for me to get back to my ... [read more]

College Football Predictions Week 5

Welcome to another exciting weekend of college football and we’re already in Week 5, which is crazy because it seems like it started not too long ago. Last week my record was 3-1, which boosted my record up to 13-7 and in the process bumping my winning percentage from 62.5% to 65%. Hopefully, I can improve and get to the 70% winning percentage I’m trying to reach and this week I’ll be predicting five games. Let’s Get Started!!!   This is the big game of the week in a battle of a couple of undefeated teams as the 6th ranked Notre Dame ... [read more]

Opening weekend of College Football

Well this weekend kicked off college weekend which I think I've said it before but football is my favorite sport.  Well this weekend started out with a few big matches to start the season which the first was the Georgia Bulldogs who came in ranked 13th visiting a team with alot of potential in the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who have one of the best receivers in the country in Dez White, also came in ranked at number 9.  Georgia came into the game without Matthew Stafford and Knowshown Moreno who both were high picks in the past NFL draft. Georgia ... [read more]

Excitement about Football Season

College Football I must admit that out of all the sports I talk about or watch nothing excites me more than football, whether it's college or the NFL, but if I had to pick one it's probably the NFL.  The start of camp and then the preseason gets me so excited it's something I can't describe or really put into words but I know alot of people feel the same about football season.  We'll start in college where Tim Tebow tries to lead the defending champion Florida Gators to another national championship this year and he's also trying to become the ... [read more]

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