4 Ways to Discuss Drugs and Alcohol with Your Teen

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Institute on Drug Abuse for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. One of the best things ever to happen to me has got to be becoming a parent. It has taught me so much throughout the years, and some of them have been challenging. I’ve said numerous times that it’s more difficult being a parent in this day and age than any other. We can’t hide things from our kids because they’re dangerous because they most likely know about them before the parents. Social media has changed the game ... [read more]

Tips for Helping Your Child Find their First Apartment

As much as teens and young adults may think they own the world, the odds are good that when the time comes to move out, your son or daughter is going to be looking at you for guidance. If you've been a home owner for a while and are nicely settled in, you yourself may not know where to start. Here are some helpful tips for finding your child their first apartment. Help Them Budget As a general rule of thumb, rent should be no more than 25 percent of your son or daughter's monthly earnings. If he or she has a partner or roommate, the rent ... [read more]

School’s Out! How to Inspire Your Kids to Learn New Things at Home

Every Dad is expected to have some kind of hidden power. Whether it’s an uncanny ability to solve problems or a handy set of tools that can fix any electronic device, you have some kind of talent that your kids will marvel at. When your children are growing up, they’ll look to you as inspiration for their own futures. If you’re a chef, then your kids will love to mimic you in the kitchen and might even grow up to be a fine cook themselves! If you’re a well-groomed businessman, then they’ll jump on toy laptops and pretend they’re in your shoes. ... [read more]

5 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Young Again

There are a lot of great things about becoming a daddy. It’s a brilliant time for all of us to settle down and start looking after the kids. However, it can also lead to us feeling old before our time. No longer are we living the young lifestyle, and that leads us to adopt an elderly mindset. We aren’t past our prime yet, so let’s remind ourselves of how to feel young with a few ideas. Virtual Reality In case you weren’t aware, virtual reality is becoming the next big thing in gaming. In the past year alone, devices like the HTC Vive ... [read more]

Want To Raise Outdoors-Loving Kids? 5 Lessons You Must Learn

For those who don’t understand today’s so-called ‘technological revolution,’ it’s hard to comprehend it. Our kids are spending way more time indoors, playing video games and browsing websites on their tablets. There are so many indoor activities at their disposal that it can be difficult to get them enjoying the outside. But, it can be done. You’re going to need to abide by five important lessons to achieve this goal, and we’re going to list them for you now. Don’t Set An Agenda Disappointment and frustration can easily set in when you’re ... [read more]

6 Warning Signs That Your Child Athlete Has a Concussion

According to the CDC, 10-15 percent of athletes experience a concussion in any given year. This rate of injury spans all sports, genders, age groups and skill levels, so it isn't something that can be written off as "a football thing" or "a boy problem." It's a serious concern that all parents should have about their young athletes. So how can you tell if your child has a concussion? Here are just a few signs and symptoms to beware. 1. Loss of Consciousness The most obvious sign of a concussion is a loss of consciousness after ... [read more]

Your Child’s First Date: 6 Rules You Must Abide By

Uh oh! It’s that time that every parent dreads. Their child is about to go on their first date, and you’ll instantly jump into protection mode. You don’t want anything to happen to your little bundle of joy, but you can’t stop them from dating. In fact, you need to follow a number of rules to ensure you both come out of this experience in a positive way. DON’T Interview The Date Its all well and good thinking you can scare the two of them, but that really won’t work. It’ll probably ruin the date, making your child angry with you in ... [read more]

Amazing Gift Ideas Your Teenage Son Will Love

It’s tricky trying to buy an amazing present that your teenager will love. And teenage boys are always so much worse to buy for than girls! Everything they have needs to be just right. Otherwise, they won’t think it’s cool. If you are struggling to find a fantastic gift for your teenage son’s birthday, we’ve made it easier for you. Here’s our list of awesome gift ideas that your teenage son will love. Sports Memorabilia Whether your son is into basketball or baseball, you will certainly be able to impress him with some great sporting ... [read more]

The Big Benefits Of A Parenting Plan After A Divorce

If you’re getting a divorce, you might consider developing a parenting plan with your former partner. A parenting plan is often part of a custody arrangement. It determines issues affecting custody such as the responsibilities that each parent has. There are a lot of advantages to creating a parenting plan for both you and the children involved. It Gives Children Stability It’s common for children to feel as though their world is being torn apart during a divorce. The often wonder whether they should side with a parent and if so, which ... [read more]

Drills To Help Your Kid With Hitting In Baseball

Hitting a baseball well is a lot harder than it looks. I used to be pretty formidable as a hitter when I was a teenager. Now, not so much! Like a lot of parents, you might have kids who are only just discovering the nation’s favorite pastime. If you’re looking for a way to encourage and help them, then working on their hitting is a great place to start. Here are a few good drills to try. Before you even start pitching to your kid, it’s a good idea to do some foundation work. Any coach will tell you that being a good hitter has a lot to ... [read more]