Trying to do the social networking thing……..

Well I must admit I've never been a social networking person nor have I claimed to be one, I guess this started when I heard about Myspace and people asking me about it and I have to admit it, never got into it or tried just wasn't for me.  Well then came Facebook and still for the longest I could care less about it either, until I had a co-worker telling me about him connecting with friends he went to school with some 20 plus years ago and he says it's totally different from myspace, something he said he tried for about 3 days and deleted his ... [read more]

Something to Think About?

Well before I begin I appreciate to the people that left feedback on how they enjoyed my post, I really do appreciate it and also I want to explain why I don't post alot and it's because I'm not in it for money, even though it would be nice or anything like that but simply I want to bring up serious topics and give people something to think about.  I mean I could talk about meaningless things just to update my blog and also I could make alot of posts to make my page rank higher but once again that's not me so before I go on like I've said thank ... [read more]

Fathers Need to Step Up

Ok before I begin this isn't directed at anyone I know in particular but at the same time if you read this article and it offends you I don't care do something about it and spend time with your kids.  But now to the topic over the years since my first child was born, 11 years in January to be exact I've had several people tell me I've changed, I'm not the same person I was growing up or I'm not a real friend because I don't try to hangout or go to a bar or do whatever with them, but the truth is my kids are used to me being home all the time ... [read more]