Where Should Peyton Manning Go?

  Let's get straight to it, I mean if you follow sports and football in general you know about Manning being released by the Colts a little over a week ago. You also know the history of Manning the last year and a half, he missed the entire season last year after having 4 neck procedures in the past 19 months. Well there was a video that showed him throwing like the old Manning and now the question is where will he go to next? Well if you watch ESPN or any other sports station that has followed this saga it seems like they've ... [read more]

NFL Talk

Well we're 3 weeks into this season and I have to say that the season is off to a crazy start, I mean who knew the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-2 going into a huge matchup Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers, who have a record of 2-1.  Sticking with the AFC side of things with a couple of surprise teams in the New York Jets who are 3-0 with a win over the New England Patriots going into a week 4 showdown with the New Orleans Saints.  Another surprise team is the Cincinnati Bengals who go into week 4 have a record ... [read more]