UGK’s Classic Ridin Dirty Released 20 Years Ago Today

There are certain songs, videos or albums that will forever remain timeless no matter how old you get. For me, this album that I’m talking about is from one of my favorite groups of all-time and that’s UGK (Underground Kingz). I’ve been a fan of Bun B and the late, great Pimp C ever since I heard Pocket Full of Stones that was off their debut album, Too Hard to Swallow that was released back in 1992. There first couple of albums were really good, but when they dropped Ridin’ Dirty on July 30, 1996, everything changed because that put them on ... [read more]

UGK Greatest Hits- The Very Best of Bun B & Pimp C

First off, the tracks I picked were some of my favorite tracks from UGK. Whether it's on the UGK albums, Bun B or Pimp C solo albums and then I included features on other albums, whether it's them together or when it was just one of them on the track. UGK is one of my favorite groups of all-time and this is something I've been wanting to put it together so I finally done it. It's 69 tracks and it's a 4 Disc set. Hope you enjoy it and would love some feedback, once again there may be songs on here you may not like or songs you think should be ... [read more]

Music Monday 8/20/2012

My Music Monday track is in the memory of my best friend, who yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of him passing. Still remember it like it was yesterday. I miss my homie so much and that is the track from Master P featuring Pimp of UGK and Silkk the Shocker, I Miss My Homies from the Ghetto D album. Rest In Paradise, Telly Lee. ... [read more]

Music Monday 7/2/2012

My Music Monday is by Master P featuring Silkk the Shocker and the late, great Pimp C, I Miss My Homies from the Ghetto D album. Today would've been my best friends 34th birthday but he passed almost 2 years ago, I miss the hell out of him. ... [read more]

Music Monday 8/22/2011

In light of the year anniversary of my best friends passing who was like a brother to me I'm going to go with I Miss My Homies by Master P featuring Pimp C(R.I.P) of UGK and Silkk the Shocker from the Ghetto Dope album. Rest In Peace Telly Lee. ... [read more]

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