Let’s All Put An End to Racism in America

Last week was one of the most horrifying, unrealistic and dramatic weeks that I could remember. First we had the murder of Alton Sterling in front of his kids outside a convenience store while he sold CDs in Baton Rouge, followed by the tragic killing of Philando Castile while in the car with his girlfriend in Minnesota, and then we had the tragic incident in Dallas where a sniper killed 5 police officers in the process and now we have more cops killed in Baton Rouge. The first two crimes happened when Sterling and Castile were gunned down by ... [read more]

Happy Birthday Jada/No Love for the Princess and the Frog

I want to say Happy Birthday to my baby Jada who turned 5 this past week. Well we went out and I promised her for her birthday that the 2 of us would go and get her a new outfit. Okay guys who have daughters know that it's hard to tell your baby no which is something I couldn't do so an outfit turned into I know I've been told that I got played by my now 5 year old daughter which to add to it she had her own money which she didn't spend a dime of it. But it's all good but her birthday was on Monday but we celebrated it this past Saturday cause ... [read more]