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    Daddy’s Hangout WWE Smackdown Live Review from Buffalo

    Welcome to my first Smackdown Live review with it taking place in Buffalo. After a successful Battleground PPV along with a really good Monday Night Raw, hopefully Smackdown will continue the trend of good programming. When Smackdown went on live, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon was walking from backstage talking about how great things will be on Smackdown Live as they made their way to the ring. Let’s Get Started!!!   Good Opening Segment: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon had all the performers in the ring as they announced Dean Ambrose to come to the ring. They said they needed to crown a new #1 contender to face Dean Ambrose…

  • WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs poster
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    WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV Review from Boston

    Welcome to the final PPV of 2015, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV which was held in Boston. Coming into this PPV I really didn’t have high expectations, but very excited that the Royal Rumble PPV is about 6 weeks away. You know everyone has been critical of the product from Mick Foley to the fans because attendance has taken a hit in the process. Let’s see how things turned out!!   With this being a Ladder match between three really good tag teams this had high expectations from me and pretty much everyone else. This was a great opening match to start the PPV and it was filled with…