• 4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Boost Productivity

    4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Boost Productivity

    Nearly everyone has a smartphone in the modern world. So, it should not come as a massive surprise that people use them for a selection of tasks. But did you know that a lot of people use their smartphone for improving their productivity too? You can do this as well because we’ll be looking at some of the top ways that you can do just that. Work apps A significant way that people use their phone to visit their productivity is to introduce work apps into the equation. A working app is something that you can do work on, obviously, and it gives you the functionality you need for completing…

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    How Much of a Smart Phone Do You Need?

    Smart phones these days are getting more awesome in the hardware and software specifications that they flaunt before buyers. The more grand a phone’s specifications, the more money it costs. The snag, however, is that most smart phone buyers end up coughing out hundreds of dollars for the grade of specifications that they really do not need. So, how much of a smart phone do you need? Processor speeds can range from less than one GHz to 2.5 GHz while the processors themselves could range from a single core to octa core, octa core having the power of eight processors put together. Screen sizes can be from about two and…