Dark Souls Giant Dad Build – Giant Dad Guide

The Giant Dad build is one of the most potent PvP meta builds. It is commonly used as a Dark Soul meme and because of its physical strength and stamina. It can confuse even for professional players. Although some use this to their advantage, some don't buy the idea of using this character. Instead, they only want to learn tricks that can be employed to defeat this great character. The Giant Dad character comes with some attributes which made it possess the abilities it has. It is equipped with its dad's mask and ring, which boosts its ... [read more]

2020 Tech Trends Closely to Improve Current Standing And Traffic To Your Site

Technology is on the rise, and it keeps on changing. It becomes tough to stand with one technical notion as those changes even before you blink an eye. It is evolving at a rapid pace, which makes annual predictions even harder for experts. With technical advancements, you get to receive faster progress and changes. That helps in causing an accelerated growth of the current change. In no time, this change turns exponential. There are some leading changes taking place even to your known tech world, making it all the more confusing. So, keeping a ... [read more]

5 Ways Technology Helps Staying Home During Pandemic and Georgia Heat

With this Covid-19 pandemic and this heat in Georgia, there’s two important factors in staying in your home. The only times we’re leaving the house is to go grocery shopping and work. When home, I’m either reading a book, streaming shows or finding ways to make some money. With sports basically at a standstill, I’m no longer playing Draft Kings, but checking out Dunder casino in NZ. When the entire family is home, we have quite a few ways to keep ourselves entertained. I’ll be honest, technology is very important is ours and everyone else’s day ... [read more]

The Upsides Of Investing In Technology: How To Bring Your Family Together

We often read headlines or hear people on TV discussing the potential disadvantages of living in a high-tech world. Technology can distract families, occupy too much time and eliminate traditional communication techniques, but there’s no doubt that it also offers a valuable opportunity to connect people. There are both positives and negatives, and it’s useful to understand the upsides of investing in technology. As lockdown means that many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before, here are some ways gadgets and gizmos can ... [read more]

Changes in Online Bingo Tech – How Bingo Tech Has Evolved

Eyes down, because today we’re going to be discussing a game that many of you no doubt hold near and dear to your hearts. Yes, we’re talking about the great British tradition that is bingo. For centuries we’ve been playing bingo in one form or another, yet it is only recently that the game itself has undergone undoubtedly its most radical transformation yet, thanks to the prevalence of online bingo. Whereas bingo was once upon a time relegated solely to the bingo halls, once the internet came around more and more people began enjoying ... [read more]

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