Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You

Welcome to another Thursday, that means we’re getting closer to the weekend. This week mixtapes by the Game and Nate Dogg was played. T.I.’s Libra, Fat Boys are Back, 1990-Sick from Spice 1 and Jim Jones second album was also played. One of my personal mixtapes was featured, but the last one played is going to be featured. The Bodyguard Soundtrack is the most successful movie soundtrack ever as it sold over 45 million records. Let me repeat that one more time, the Bodyguard Soundtrack sold over 45 million records. The late, great Whitney ... [read more]

Whitney Houston Debut Album Released 35 Years Ago

When it comes to legendary singers, you can’t get any better than Whitney Houston. As a matter of fact, she became an instant legend after her debut album dropped. 35 years ago today, Whitney Houston released her self-titled debut to the world. Miss Houston went on to sell over 22 million records worldwide, making it one of the bestselling records ever. By far, it became the best debut selling album ever. She released a total of six singles from the album that had ten tracks. The album won countless awards and many put it amongst the greatest ... [read more]

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