Daddy’s Day In- 3 WFH Tips for Dads With Kids Around

Parenting is a challenge, and the pandemic has made it even tougher. As you work from home, you need to focus on your job despite the distractions with the kids scampering around the house. While mommies find the situation a tad easier to deal with, it takes a toll on dads who are not used to juggling a lot together. Since remote working seems to be a lasting arrangement for most businesses, dads need to have a strategy to give their best despite the WFH challenges they face. If you are struggling with the situation, here are a few tips that ... [read more]

3 Clever Ways To Earn Income From Your Home

Owning a family home is a common dream for many Americans; one that comes with a significant investment on your part. According to the U.S Census Bureau and GoBankingRates, an average American home comes with a $360,000 price tag and a $1,207 monthly maintenance bill in 2017. Of course, as with any investment, your home can provide a decent return on your investment beyond the appreciation in housing prices for the years you occupy it. Mortgage and maintenance bills that come with owning a home can be impressive. However, if you have some free ... [read more]

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