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Watch the Throne by Jay-Z Kanye West Review


First of all I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of either of these artists even though I respect what both have done more so, what Jay-Z has done over the years. I’ve often said that Kanye’s albums have declined in quality since his debut of the College Dropout and hit rock bottom with the 808s & Heartbreaks but the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was better but still wasn’t a good album. Now with Jay-Z I loved his Reasonable Doubt debut album along with a couple other albums but I loved the Blueprint and Black albums. Ok with that said let’s get to the review. Kinda like the Source magazine I’ll go up to a 5 star rating where they do mics.

1 star- The album was ehh, don’t waste your time.

2 stars- The album has a couple of good songs but still not worth being bought.

3 stars- The album was ok and maybe if you have a few extra dollars you should check it out.

4 stars- The album is really good and worth checking out and have a little playback value.

5 stars- Absolutely flawless album and can’t stop listening to it and maybe you should buy 2 copies, have one to play and one to put up to keep.


1. No Church In the Wild- Nice opening track, loved the beat and both of there flows also. Like

2. Lift Off- Just don’t like this track so I’ll have to pass on it. Dislike

3. Ni**as In Paris- I admit when I first heard the track I didn’t like it but now I really like the track. Like

4. Otis- I love the sample, the beat and both killed this track. Love the video also Like

5. Gotta Have It- Really feeling this track also nothing else to say just I really like the track. Like

6. New Day- Now I can’t stop playing this song I have listened to this track I don’t know how many times, I absolutely love this track. RZA from the Wu Tang Clan killed this track. Can’t say enough about this track. Favorite track. Like

7. That’s My Bitch- Really don’t like this track also. Dislike

8. Welcome To the Jungle- This track I liked when I first listened to it and still loving it. Like

9. Who Gon Stop Me- Love the chorus and they both deliver also like this track also. Like

10. Murder to Excellence- Love this track and love the message. Like

11. Made In America- Really like the track and message also in this song. Like

12. Why I Love You- I didn’t like track at first but it grew on me. Like

13. Illest Motherf***er Alive- Now when I first heard this track I was like what the hell is this because the first 3 minutes are silence but when the track started they ripped it. Like

14. HAM- this was released for a while before the album dropped but I like this track. Like

15. Primetime- Like the track but I think Jay really killed this track. Like

16. The Joy- I liked the track also especially the beat. Like

The Verdict: I really liked the album and I consider it the Album of the Year so far and it’s a album that if you love hip-hop or just music in general this is a must buy. Check out the Watch the Throne album above.

4.5 stars out of 5.

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