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How to Have “The Talk” with Your Kids

Few things strike fear into a dad as much as the thought of talking to your kids about sex. But if they don’t learn it from home, they are going to learn about it on the schoolyard. And with fewer and fewer schools including abstinence into their sexual education programs, do you really want to depend solely on the school system to teach your kids about sex? Use the following tips to relieve those jitters as you approach the subject.

Make the Discussion Age-Appropriate
Some kids will start asking questions as early as the preschool years. Keep the discussion as basic as possible without getting into the specifics of intercourse at this age. As your kids get older, you can use a little more detail as long as it is appropriate for their particular age. That’s a judgment call that you will have to make. Regardless of their age, however, make sure to emphasize that sex is something that should only be done in a loving relationship where two people respect each other.

Look for Teachable Moments
Don’t force the discussion about sex. Instead, look for “teachable moments” that allow you to segue into a sex talk. When your kids are asking about sex, that’s a good teachable moment. If someone mentions sex around your kids, that could be a teachable moment. But just randomly talking about sex is usually not the best way to have a productive conversation.

Own Your Feelings
As a dad, you are probably going to be uncomfortable or embarrassed about talking to your kids about sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. Make sure you tell your kids that this conversation could make you nervous. That will probably put them at ease because they will likely be nervous about it too. You don’t have to pretend to know everything. Just have an open and honest discussion.

Talking about sex doesn’t have to be the dreaded discussion that you are making it out to be. Just take the plunge and begin the conversation and it will actually be pretty easy once you get started. let me know how things went when you have The Talk.

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