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SpareKit Tire Changing Kit Review and Giveaway


We’ve all had it happen to us, usually in the most opportune time, usually when we’re in a hurry or somewhere that we just don’t feel comfortable being at. I know I’ve had so many flat tires, mostly at night or a couple of times first thing in the morning when I get off work. With the Spare Kit you have everything you need to help change your tire quickly and not using so much energy. There are 2 kinds of kits you can choose from, one being the 3-ton or the 2-ton kit which is the one I have. Everything you need is included in the case, where you can easily place it in the trunk of your vehicle.

The Spare Kit 2-Ton includes:

  • Reflective Safety Triangle to warn oncoming motorists
  • Wheel Chocks for keeping your vehicle stationary
  • Pair of Protective Gloves to safeguard your hands
  • Hub Cap Puller for easy wheel-cover removal while eliminating damage to wheels or hub caps
  • Electric Scissor Jack to raise and lower the vehicle
  • Electric Impact Wrench for loosening and tightening lug nuts
  • Magnetic Light for night operations
  • Battery Clips in case the DC outlet is not working

As you see up above, not only the Spare Kit provides all the essentials to change your tire quickly, but also the equipment needed if you have your unfortunate incident at night. The Reflective Safety Triangle and the Magnetic Light so you can be seen at night. To see how to work the kit, follow the video below.



For me looking at that video I wish I had this about 3 months earlier, when I got off work that morning I left work and my car felt funny. So pulled off to a road and my back tire was flat and I was so tired from a long night at work. So after getting everything out of the trunk I knew that this would take a while because I was really exhausted. After taking off the lug nuts, which took forever it seemed. After catching my breath and finishing removing the tire and putting it back on, probably 40 to 45 minutes passed. With the Spare Kit, my time would’ve been cut in half because it makes it much quicker. The 2-ton Spare Kit runs about $149 or you can get the 3-ton Spare Kit is about $189, which is well worth the money. Like there Facebook page and not only share your stories, show your appreciation for the product but see what others have to say about it. Also follow them on Twitter to see ways to help them to help others.


But here’s your chance to win your own Spare Kit, just follow the instructions below.






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